How do you switch from Loader to Unloader

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    Hi there. I have been in the company for almost 1 year. For that time most of my job has been loading the trailers for the twilight shift. I have had the opportunity to unload which I feel is easier on my lungs and back. Before I go further, I want to state that I have lung problems because of an illness when I was born resulting in scar tissue. I feel that unload would be a better position for me as it does not tire me out as fast and I don't feel like I lose my breath and I want to know if it is possible to switch. I can do 400 pph if the flow is heavy and have even done a 600 pph before. However, during the summer months I did not even try to get that close due to the heat. I have not brought this subject up to my PT and FT sup because I feel they will not let me go for a different position. What are the chances that I can get the switch and who do I talk to to make my requests known. Thank You!
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    When you were hired did you disclose this restriction?

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    The grass is always greener, isn't it?
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    When I was hired in April 2013, I applied for Part Time Package Handler. As I am now aware, this consists of multiple positions of which include loader, unloader, sorter and small sort amongst others. They pretty much just assigned me a position and I didn't have any say in which position I was more interested in. Of the 4 people in my training group, me and another were selected as loaders and the other 2 sorters. I have heard stories that they just randomly select a specific position to any person. I have also heard that because I have proven I can load at 400 pph or higher that a supervisor will not let me go, especially since my dock is one of the heavier ones at my Hub. My PT and FT supps also pressure us to always be at a 400 pph or higher. I have talked with a union rep before who stated that in my employee contract there is nothing that states anything about how fast I must load, only that I must load to the best of my abilities at said time. I always put 110% into my work even when I am not at a 400 pph. I'm just looking to see how I can switch my position from loader to unloader.
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    loading trailers??

    600 pph was mar back in 90
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    If you really want to be an unloader you need to start misloading a ton. When they bitch at you, tell them you're dyslexic and can't read the labels.
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    Tell them in writing that you would like to change jobs. Cc it to your steward your boss the twi manager and your business agent.
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    BAck in my day as a PTer all you would have to do is say that you hate the unload and never want to unload and love loading. Next thing you know your job would be unloading. I used to take advantage of this and reverse psychology manipulate my pt sups.
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    Works for hours also. Tell the sup you have to leave early to get to your next job and you will be the last one out. Tell your sup you need more hours and you will be the first to leave. I believe it is a control thing.
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    There should be bid sheets that go up every few months for virtually every position in the building in case they need more people and aren't hiring people for it, but loader and unloader are the base positions so there might not be a bid sheet for it. Get chummy with the supervisors for the inbound(unload and sort) areas and let them know you really want to move. If you're a good loader it's harder to transfer, but just keep pushing and it might happen. I've seen plenty of people moved between unload and load, but if they're good it's an effort while the sups try to make deals, if someone is crappy in one area vs the other it's much easier for the deals to be made in the supervision ranks.
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    I would try to go to the sort aisle. Much easier then either load or unload. Make the extra $1.00/hr. Nimnim is right. Loaders and unloaders are base positions and you have no rights to choose one over the other. Sorters are preferred jobs and you do have seniority rights there.
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    This is not correct, unless you are referring to moving within a job classification. However you did insinuate load/unload are not preferred jobs and that is not factual. Every job is preferred, if you prefer it. Article 22 Section 4:

    Employees with six months or more seniority shall have the right to place their name on the list of employees waiting to be moved to a preferred job within their building. Such preferred jobs shall include, but not be limited to: Preload, Sorter, Clerical, Irregular Train, Designated Responder, Carwasher, Loader and Unloader. Employees do not have the right to select any specific unit, load or workstation unless a prior past practice has been established.

    Also, be careful what you wish for. All sort isles are not the same just like all loads are not the same. You might get stuck in a spot that isn't peachy. The sort isles can go from mild-mannered to downright viscous depending on the rate of flow, average package weight and belt height.
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    When you leave should be determined by your seniority. My sup goes down in order and says "Someone's getting sent home, go or stay?" If they want the hours, they stay and he asks the next guy. I'm pretty sure you can grieve if you're getting sent home before less senior employees.
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    That would be the right way to do things. The reality is you can't keep track of the whole building.
  16. Johnny Paycheck

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    No but a sup should be able to keep track of the less than a dozen guys he's responsible for.
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    I stand corrected. I did not realize loader and unloader were considered preferred jobs. As far as the sort aisle being easier I was speaking in generalities. Any specific job could be made more difficult then another.
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    Yes, I understand. The OP just needs to be prepared. I do not know his relationship with management. Go against the grain and you might not like the outcome of your new placement.
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    I would prefer not being on the sort aisle. I have seen it before and at my Hub it gets pretty hectic over there. Sure I get the extra dollar, but I already bust my balls enough everyday regardless of my pph. When I started my supps pressured me to do better. They made it sound like I would be fired if I couldn't get to 400 pph. This is now something I regret doing because now they have reason to keep me as a loader and not move me. Everyone doubted my lung problems until I said "You wanna see my scars?" Everybody including my PT sup shut the hell up after that. Some days I am really motivated to work hard and get out, like if I have big plans for the weekend, but there are some days that I just feel so drained. I always eat the proper foods and hydrate myself during the day with water constantly. Anxiety problems don't help me either. I hate getting more flow than I can handle. When I was sent to unload a few times, I was envious of those who worked there. Much easier in my opinion and you can basically go at your own pace.
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    Sort aisle is rougher on the shoulders and knees unless you are in one of the newer ergonomic facilities.
    Unload is the easiest but probably the hottest and coldest