how does call in work

Hannah K

New Member
i work in small sort and i called the sunday call in number and a recorded message plays stating that it was the sunday call
in number and then i hear a beep and complete silence, what do i do?


Do you need an air compressor or tire gauge


That’s Craptacular
How can people be this friend*n stupid? How do you legit spend X amount of time to sign up to an internet forum just to ask people what to do when the answering machine beeps.

This folks is the future of our country. I hate Trump but this twit here ^^^ will do more damage than ole' orange creamsicle will.
Exactly! Trump is a reprehensible POS but inbred morons like the OP voted him into office. Dear internet, how do I call in sick to work?? I weep for the future.....while giggling manically lol.