How does my husband get off the sups radar & keep job when orion is never questioned?


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I've had warning letters, multiple OJS's, sups observing, etc. Not once did my wife know any of it. Doesn't need to know and wouldn't understand that it's all part of the game. Never let them win.
agree..bringing work home.


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15years as a package car driver. Clean disciplinary record (until orion said he wasn't moving fast enough & constantly paid over) for the record he's NOT milking the clock, he would rather be dun at time orion states. Now subs cannot Discipline you over telematics their way around that Is by putting you under a magnifying glass to try to catch you doing something wrong So they can discipline you because you're making their numbers look bad... How has nobody addressed this... I don't think I've met one driver that follows a Ryan or agrees with it and I don't think I know 1 driver that is ever done in the time that orion says they should be. So upon the intro of the new system he started getting harassed for bieng paid over... than they did some change to orion that made it way worse for my husband & his horrid route. Since than at least 3 times a week he is pulled into office so that supervisor can grill him on why he stopped & backed up at a location not listed as a stop on his route (because tractor coming down road & he was moving out of the way since they both won't fit down that narrow dirt road), or why he took a 20 min break after only 6 stops (because his route is so rural & off the grid there is no place to get something to eat or drink, no place to get gas, that was his last option on his route) I mean I could list a 100 examples of them questioning something the got from telemadics... not from direct observation. His shop steward is useless, literally after there formal sit down to talk to my husband & apparently give warning letter for not following procedure when he was 20 sec late (his own fault) of which hubby never recieved affirmentioned warning letter, contract says they must physically hand u a copy. Anyway after meeting shop steward approaches hubby & says what did u do to pass them off. If I were u I'd keep my head down & work ass off, I wouldn't grieve this cause its just going to make things much worse for u... wtf? so obviously shop steward knows they r harassing him & that they will retaliate if he grieves. Well over the past few months it has only gotten worse much worse his grandmother died his grandmother died and they told him he could not go to the funeral he had to work so my husband worked hes not a confrontational perconfrontational person he doesn't like to stand up to the supervisors either. However he took 2 funeral days at beginning of following week only to find out they used his last 2 personal days & not funeral days. He told both of his sups & nothing became of it & shop steward did nothing. And when his other grandma died the following year again he was denied funeral leave But this time he said no he was taking one day for the funeral As allowed by UPS contract which actually hes guaranteed 2 days but only took one. No one likes to run his route when hes not there because nobody can make those numbers and it puts them under the magnifying glass when they run his route he has asked for multiple ride alongs and multiple times studies it's been Ignore it every timeI didn't believe that things were this bad so I rode with him as his Christmas helper this season and I was floored at what I saw. The language they use the threatening msgs about eta. Mind you we did not mess around Iran I ran to every stop every delivery we busted our asses there's nowhere to stop for bathroom breaks out there because we're in the middle of nowhere so I had to p*** in a cup in the back of a truck every day because he couldn't drive out of the way to use bathroom or his bosses would flip. And you know what I don't even care about that it's the fact that the contract States that they're not allowed to do this kind of smile* and they get away with it there might as well not be a contract because they don't follow a g****** thing. And when my husband asks the subs for help on what he's supposed to do because its literally not possible to complete route in orion time. The sups offer no guidance just bitch sessions followed with some poor excuse warning letter always filed under "not following procedure" so after 15 yr clean record in 3 months time he has 4 supposed warning letters for not following procedure... most general term that covers anything & everything apparently. He doesn't know anything about the Union nor do I don't know how to file agreements can't find any of the grievance papers his shop steward tells him not to do anything because they're gonna retaliate what the friend* is he supposed to do Then he gets a letter of suspension another another warning letter all titled under the same thing mind you and and he still doesn't know what any of them were for because they have never gave him a copy of the warning letters or the suspension letter. He cannot log on to UPSers, he gets an error that says to contact sup or rep & hes informed them all but after 5 months, still unable to access. Of course suspension put on hold cause peak was starting... than January we both very sick & find out 6 of the 11 people at my family gathering 3 days prior just tested covid positive, as well as 2 of our friends we r with daily so brad calls in sick, tries to anyway & id told NO. He informs his supervisor that we are both very sick and both were exposed to covid positive sick people Within the past few daysAnd what does his supervisor say I need you to come in anyway I'll give you an easy day and what does she do gives him an easy day and then tells him his suspension starts tomorrow for the next 20 days... wtf. Isn't that a violation of law, not only union contact. Anyway so hes back to work but constant harassment everyday hes pulled into the office questioned or hes followed. Then another bull :censored2: disciplinary letter followed by discharge, grieved and signed 1 more chance of which next day they pulled him from his route,, made him run a route he knows nothing of but with Jr supervisor who helps him all day and still paid over.. he goes in next day & they took his truck & gave him oldest truck they had,, lights barely work & hes on the route in boonies with no knowledge of area.. oh hes paid over again no surprise.. so next day a diff truck & add on to that route or change it up with new areas & truck with no diad holder... no way to charge. At his 1st delivery he tells them he cannot drive that truck without a diet holder and a way to charge the diet because it constantly freezes and he needs to use the maps because he doesn't know where hes going he doesn't know the area at all or the route... She tells them to use the cup holder no I don't think so so they brought him a truck but mind you he had to wait forever and the supervisors loaded loaded the new truck and when I say loaded I mean in no order nothing went where it was supposed to go And they hid packages. Well because he was waiting for that new truck and because the supervisors were just throwing the smile* into the back of that new truck he missed an NDA however he noticed within 30 minutesOf when the supervisor's brought him the new truck he calls the supervisor and she tells him oh don't worry about it it's OK but it's OK and then write him up when he gets back to the building because he didn't deliver it when she told him not to worry about it... The diet he had froze so many times hes recording from his phone every time it stops working he added up the total minutes it's almost 2 hours of waiting for the diet to start working again... There's no cell service on that route so he can't even use his phone to look up maps to where hes going. When he does finally get cell service and messages the bosses no one will respond to him and tell him what to do because he can't deliver everything and he knows that's against the guide book Nobody responded to him and so he had 20 packages that weren't delivered Because the address that the diet map took him to was not the right place and you know you can't scan the package away from the stops so he had on scan packages... His Union Stuart is absolutely no help help who do we contact how does he keep his job because after that day yesterday and all the packages brought back of course today there on his a** hes already observed both supervisors following him. Hes so afraid to make a single wrong move hes now getting panic attacks in the morning before work.
He needs to get his steward, and he needs to get a union book, and paper maps. And he needs to do it real soon.

Its a diad, not a diet, and as a wife you know way too much.

THIS he needs to handle. Grievance papers are available from the steward, if not he needs to go to the union hall and get them. If he cant make it there, that is something YOU could do, just for grievance forms and nothing else said.

After 15 yrs, he should know how this place works. If he did not get funeral pay, thats the first grievance. I had a steward who told me it would just make things worse. He was wrong, it made them better. And it sounds like it cant get any worse than it is now, anyhow. Bury them in legitimate grievances and it will slow down if not stop, because once he files, it is considered retaliatory actions if they harass him, another grievance.

Good luck


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