How FedEx Steals From You

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    They do it all the time, and you usually let them. Here are some of the ways:

    1. Review your check every week and make a copy of your timecard printout. You'd be surprised how many "errors" happen when stations are under 50 hour caps and you have 49:59 on your check when you know you worked more than that. I've caught many "errors" like this over the years. If you don't check, they'll screw you.

    2. 28/29: Make sure you take them if you are in a state where they are required. Why do you think FedEx eliminated the need to code these? Why, so you'd forget and work for free and not take them. Take them....always.

    3. 13/14: Never start your 13/14 until you are ready to lock and exit the vehicle. No paperwork, NOTHING after you hit that button.

    4. Working through breaks: This equals free labor...Don't be this dumb. Plus, if you get a ticket or have an accident during your imaginary "13/14", you are gone...poof!

    5. Station Celebrations/Events: If it is a work activity, you are on-the clock...period. No quasi-meetings or work discussions during BBQs, weenie roasts or the like. Just say no.

    6. Marking "days off" that aren't really days off or not marking your 6th day. If your manager is asking you to do this, they are falsifying, and you are also falsifying. Turn your manager in and get them disciplined and/or fired. There's a real good chance you won't get your OT. Never trust, and always verify with FedEx.

    7. Recorders: Maybe the biggest theft of them all. If you want to be a true idiot, sit and wait by the phone for your appointed time to call-in to get your modified start time. Forget the recorder BS, and just go in and punch-in at your regular time. Recorders are illegal in most states. Check your local laws.

    8. Insurance: Don't let Anthem/GIGNA or anyone else rip you off by denying payment or coverage. Remember, since FedEx is self-insured they have a huge incentive to screw you over. Given our ridiculous co-pays, premiums, and deductibles, it is even worse than it sounds.

    Feel free to add to the list. I'm sure there are other ways I have missed. Don't give Ebenezer Smith a single penny.
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    I'll start the Home Delivery side of this..We load our trucks heavier and heavier pay..Contractors who don't share ANY safety or delivery bonus..Volume increases 30% over the last 18 months.. no extra pay..No complaints,claims over 5years no bonus ,nothing..not 1 sick day, now I hear the contractors are going to stop holiday pay..It's about time for a purple flu day.But wait until you've got other people out on vacation etc.I Screw em every time i can..
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    Some states are really cracking down on wage theft. Management I hope for your sake that you're reading this. You too Fred.
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    Ground Employees, please familiarize yourself with the law.

    Federal Law - The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to pay for all hours worked, whether or not those hours are properly recorded on time cards or time sheets. Under the FLSA, a work day begins when an employee starts their first work-related activity, and ends when they finish their last work-related activity of the day.

    California Law - California labor law defines "hours worked" as "the time during which an employee is subject to the control of an employer, and includes all the time the employee is suffered or permitted to work, whether or not required to do so." The California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement has interpreted this definition to extend beyond an employee's scheduled shift, including instances involving pre- and post-shift duties.
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    Maybe this should be directed at express employees. Ground drivers can't work through lunch breaks when they aren't given one...
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    I used to have a problem with number 1 when I first became a courier in California. (I am no longer in CA) I always had a stack of photocopied timecards in my inbox for reference. The SM there was a real dick head, and was later fired for failing to bring up his SFA scores after having the lowest scores in the company for several years running. He claimed he was retiring, but we all knew he was given the boot. The entire station cheered when he left. After the new SM took over the problem disappeared.

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    They are now no matter the state. So no more excuses!
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    Let me add a few more:

    7. Taking "breaks" when they aren't warranted. Examples include going on 13/14 at 0745 when you should be in Code 43 mode, or the earlier example of vehicle breakdowns, which are on the clock...always.

    8. Clock games. As in when your manager verbally tells you to be there an hour early the next day because volumes are projected to be heavy...and then the CTV or aircraft is late. You show-up early, and then your manager "forgets" about the early start. Because it isn't on are screwed.

    9. Talking to you as you leave the building. If you are clocked out, go directly to your vehicle and drive away. A very old management trick is to grab someone as they are leaving and start discussing something company-related. Sorry, but business discussions are on the clock.

    Always know they are trying to screw you out of every second possible.
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    10. One of my personal favorites is managers who take advantage of employees using personal days by scheduling them to work Saturdays. You don't get paid OT for working what would normally be your day off. They've also been doing this to employees in retaliation for people using their sick days. It's just a game to them. If you accuse them of manipulating the schedule they tell you, "It's just a coincidence. You were next on the forced OT list." The truth is they're trying to do schedules two weeks in advance and put more pressure on volunteers when no one uses a sick or personal day.
  10. I steal peoples food from the refrigerator and blame it on everyone else. Does that count?
  11. can they force you to take day off without pay if you refuse to volunteer yourself to take day off? because of 'low volume'
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    From what I have been told, not if it is your regularly scheduled day. They either need to find something for you to do, or pay you out your mins.