how hard is it to become a brownie driver?

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    I've been working at UPS for over two and a half years, with the intent of eventually becoming a driver. I heard it is very difficult and I was told to learn to drive a standard transmission and start on Sat driving and do that for a couple of years to get my foot in the door. People that I've talked to about driving said its horrible and I shouldn't go into it. They said its so stressful and its better off to stay in the building. Is it really that bad? That was my whole reason for joining this company, to become a driver down the road. thanks
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    Its a mixed bag building to building. Theres some places where its too small for the jobs intent and drivers work over 10 hours a day. As mine does, yet has a very slow rate of promotions. Some buildings are dying for people to drive and those time waits are very small. Those types are usally small centers in smaller towns/ cities.

    I work in a very large HUB, and the wait time frame is 5-10 years just to go to driving school. Sure, some get lucky, thats rampant in any UPS work place. But there are people out there working here 20 some years at PT that never get a chance at anything.

    As I said, its a mixed bag. Theres been people here working 10+ years and havnt even been the go ahead on advancement.
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    It's all seniority based so there is no "getting your foot in the door". Sign the bid sheet ASAP.

    Get use to getting home at 7,8,9 o'clock at time. You'll miss all kinds of stuff your kids do but they pay you very well.

    The stress all depends on your personality. If your a naturally stressful person it'll be hell. If not and you go with the flow it won't be too bad.
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    mmmmm, brownies!!!!!!

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    I rarely work past 7pm, even during Peak.
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    We all understand your the exception it's cool.

    Most of us though work in centers like mine. Where today we ran 7-10 more routes than "the plan". Still had some guys go out with 15+ hour planne days. Our pep talk. We will try to get u help we know your swamped.
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    I'm not a driver; I work the preload... but when I hear "try" in response to my request for help I know I'm on my own.
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    I feel driving for ups is the least stressful job i've ever had. You see your boss(es) only 15-20min a day before you leave the building depending if you get there 3 min before start time or not. Be maticulous about working by the methods and working as directed, stay focussed, alert, and be thorough. Everything else is a fcking mind game to squeeze every penny out of you in the name of productivity.

    honestly, don't get all caught up in that. I see nervous seasoned drivers all the time with the look of panic in their eyes. It isn't worth it in the long hall. Don't take it personally when mngmnt whines to you about on-road times and everything else. Although, easier said than done, in many cases.
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    "Brownie driver"? Why does that description seem slightly insulting?
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    I would imagine the reason others are telling you not to go driving is because you have been at UPS 2 1/2 years and still do not know the answer. I am guessing that you have very weak powers of observation.
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    ​Besides that, his back hurts.
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    Read this comment thinking "WTF?" then I remembered "the bubble". During peak we were probably pushing 56+ routes, maybe more, starting as early as 8:30am, and no one was coming in at 7pm. For a good two week stretch we were routinely called in at 12 hours and brought stuff back.
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    I came in as a casual. Got seniority at end of 10th yr. Like other msg's say. If you let it get to you. Management will use every opportunity to squeeze your life away. Depends on your personality. You could be your own worse enemy.
    I also rarely work past 7 all yr. Peak too.22areas
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    Just dont let them figure out what BUTTONS to push! If they find your button they will push it to death.
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    I must be the super exception then. Most days I don't work past 6 or 6:30 never mind 7. True story.
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    Take your lunch!!lol
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    8:30 start and a half hour approved lunch route. Thanks for the advice though. The other half hour is the reason for the 6:30 part of my statement (if I opt to take it ;) )
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    Just busting your chops.
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    pssst....I know ;)
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    just quit driving beside those brown trucks on your way home!