How is misload best handled and why?

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  1. AssistantSanta

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    I understand that drivers are graded on number of stops made. I'm just a helper but we get several misloads every day, his scanner thingy gets frequent "package found elsewhere" notification and packages that's supposed to be in the truck, but he can't find.

    Apparently the person that loads the truck at the hub is sloppy. Driver spends a lot of time digging for packages.

    He'll go out of his way if its not too far off his route and deliver another drivers package himself. If its too far, sometimes he'll go off course, drop them off at UPS store before the intended driver's scheduled pickup. For the latter, I don't believe he document it in the system through the bar code scanner.. why not?

    I believe these are costing our stop numbers. What's the reason to not just push it through the bar code scanner as miss-load" to be taken back to the hub along with Not-In packages so the intended driver doesn't spend time trying to find it on their truck?
  2. faded jeans

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    It could be handled best by shoving said misload up the arse of the offending loader.
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    I'd think so too. So, that's best done by scanning and notifying the center, right, so that consignee sees misload, calls 1-800-PickUPS to gripe and the loader gets an earful at the center..
  4. faded jeans

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    Nothing will be said to the loader. They're just happy he's showing up to work. Everything falls back on the driver. At least the arse insertion policy would get his attention; I bet those corners hurt!
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Sending in a misload throught the DIAD does not change the delivery status of the package. The consignee has no idea that his/her package is on the wrong car. However, sending in a misload through the DIAD does end up on a report and is a hit against the center so your driver is doing his center a favor by bringing the misload to the UPS Store.

    When you send the misload in through the DIAD you have the option of selecting yes or no as to whether you can deliver the package. There is also room to type in a comment, such as "will leave package at UPS Store".

    Is your driver asking you to post all of these questions? You seem to be awfully inquisitive for being just a helper.
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    Heard you busting at the seams to say hello to me, Nan. Here I am.
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    Run it off and service the customer. They put it on your truck for a reason and you are a delivery driver. That's logistics.
  8. grgrcr88

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    I am sure your driver is probably just trying to keep the loader from getting fired. Every misload scanned and sent in counts against the loader. After enough they get in trouble even terminated.

    He has also probably been sent to deliver every misload he sends in, no matter how far out of the way it is, so if he has an agreement with the other river to leave it for him half way between, he is actually saving himself time and the company miles.
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    So, how is your loader? Healing up, I hope!
  10. robot

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    Mix it in with the air you pick up.

    Dump at air dock.
  11. hurricanegunner

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    I've seen boxes so beaten up they have no corners left. Those boxes might fit nicely!
  12. dilligaf

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    I delivered a windmill yesterday that looked like that. Makes me wonder if it got shoved up someones arse before it got to my truck. Someone used a whole roll of tape to hold the box together. :surprised:
  13. TheDick

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    Yeah this is what I'm supposed to do but the misroutes I get are usually a 30 min roundtrip for each one I get to make service on.
    Most other drivers in my center dont report/scan them cuz theyre told to del them.
    So the clerk gets a pile o pkgs to scan for del tomorrow.
    OMS dont have a clue where I have togo to del.
  14. Inthegame

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    And start looking for another job.