How is this possible????

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    I would like to know how management can do this? I veteran driver recently resigned for unspecified reasons, he had a bid route in a local that bids routes every 2 years. The route should go up for bid but management is stalling and giving us bs reasons. What can be done about this, we are trying to get this done by the time the nov. 10 free period starts. All we are getting are excuses??? Ba is no help either!!!
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    There is no way that they will bid the route this close to Peak.

    We have a driver who will be retiring Dec. 1st. They will hold off on bidding his route until he has used all of his personal time, just in case he changes his mind. They will cover the route with casuals and will most likely put it up for bid in February or March.

    It sounds to me like your mgt team may be hoping that the driver changes his mind and comes back.
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    Depends on your local but here they have 30 days I think before they have to bid it. If day 30 falls in the free period well it will get bid after the new year.
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    They did that to a route at my center. It wasn't during the free time so a driver kept filing on it. 6 months later he got a sweet check out of it.
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    We have route that has been in for about 3 years that is still not bid. Been after them to bid it but it seems to fall on deaf ears. The steward has a weekly call with center manager and has mentioned it repeatedly. Our center is in a state of flux with several routes that never had the same dispatch on any given day. Perhaps this is the reason management is unwilling to bid it.
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    My center had routes that weren't bid also. People complained but the local union was in the pocket of management so refused to force them to bid.
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