How is your peak season this year?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by coolerguy, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. coolerguy

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    I was wondering how is everyones peak season going as far as volume and hours etc. We were told at our hub center about a month before peak that double shifting would start soon and still have yet to see any this whole year. I know times are bad, but give us something for the holidays, besides a turkey gift card we'll probably not even see this year as well. I try not to let it bother me too much, at least I still have a job.

    Sunday sort: Nope. Too many people signed up this year, apparently over 700 people sign up for it this year. So they went by senority, which is messed up but in a way still fair. But then the following sunday, only day sorters and full timers? come on!
    So no double shifting, even for peak season, and no sunday. So really no extra money for any hourly or employee thats been at ups three years or less. I've been here almost two and a half going on three in july, and this is the worst i've seen the company treat their employess. Again i'm still thankful I have a job, but its getting ridiculous.

    Volume. It's not like the volume isn't there, we're getting 180+ a night since the first day of peak season, and being on the night sort we are getting some what good hours, but really not enough as we could be getting. It just seems UPS wants to cut back and save as much money as they can, and pay the higher paid employees before the smaller ones. But anyway, I hope this isn't happening to every hub, I have to see everyone's holidays fall apart just 'cause the so called volume isn't there.

    Wish everyone a great holiday. God bless.
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    They gotta run a bussiness!!
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    try air driving
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    Volume is there it's just so much of it is now going to the USPS thanks to the new basic 85 service. We have lost 5 to 6 runs in our center. Full time drivers have lost there run and are now working as jumpers and load/sort.
    I have never seen anything like it in 25+ years. It should be a concern to everyone. Just how much of our work is UPS willing to give away?
  5. skatebmx05

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    are peak season is in full force i went from 3 trucks 680 to 700 boxes to 4 trucks 1300 boxes and thats how everyone is now at my center
  6. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Peak as been great for me. Vacation Thankgiving week and when I came back, the latest I punched out was 18:45. Of course it was on Friday, but no big deal. It gets dark early in Upstate NY.
  7. scratch

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    I have never seen a Peak like this one, and I have seen quite a few. As a driver, we got slammed bad last Wednesday, but I have got off early every other night. I have been getting only a couple of hours of overtime a week. I'm sure it will get busier the next couple of weeks.
  8. feeder53

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    Feeders is busy at my hub, but not crazy
  9. UnsurePost

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    We got destroyed today on the day shift.

    215k. I left after 7 hours, could have stayed longer.

    Note to CHEMA drivers: good luck tomorrow, you're going to need it. :)
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We were told that you guys would be advancing a couple of loads to us for Monday. Thanks.:wink2:
  11. Dookiebrowns

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    I have never seen a Peak like this one, and I have seen quite a few. As a driver, we got slammed bad last Wednesday, but I have got off early every other night. I have been getting only a couple of hours of overtime a week. I'm sure it will get busier the next couple of weeks.

    I'm right there with you. Punched out after 2000 Monday thru Wednesday. Thursday and Friday was done before 1800. I'm enjoying so far. They relooped our center this year and the trace is so much better, and faster. It's been great.

    Good luck too everyone....enjoy the last 14.

  12. ol'browneye

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    I clocked out earlier this week than I have all summer long. It's peak so we are finally allowed to have the extra routes in that we have needed all year long, actually two extra routes this week! We'll see how long these hours last.
  13. over9five

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    I got 12.5 hrs today. First OT in like 8 months. Hopefully it has begun!
  14. Re-Raise

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    We were heavy Wednesday, but not bad at all the rest of the week. I had both my daughters playing basketball at 6:30 Thursday night in adjacent gyms at their high school, one in eigth grade, one in high school.

    I told them I would come straight from work, but would probably miss a lot of the game. It was a nice surprise that I was able to make it for the whole thing.

    I checked my paycheck on upsers for the same week last year and had a little over 10 hours of overtime, about 5 this year. That is okay with me.
  15. I have only 3 peak season "experience", but this looks like the best one so far. Pretty good dispatch. Whenever my eta was late they sent me help most of the time. I went over 9.5 only twice in the past two weeks(if I remember right). I don't mind how is this month is going to be, I just don't want to be delivering pkgs on the 24th at 8 pm. :)
  16. Anonymous 10

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    Between 70 and 85 stops thats what UPS methods do for you. They set you free my peak has been sweet so far.
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  17. SoyFish

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    Peak...doesn't even feel like it's here. Ehhh maybe the volume will pick up this week.
  18. 40 and out

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    Only 49 hours last week. Fewest since July 4th week. Hate to admit it,but so far they've done a good job with peak. If we don't get bad weather should be pretty smooth. The real fun begins after Christmas. Lots of 11 and 12 hour days last year. Drivers working more hours in January than December. Wouldn't surprise me if it's that way again this year.
  19. dilligaf

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    We have rtes that are not getting back in until 10pm. :dissapointed: For the last 2 weeks.
  20. UnsurePost

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    Wow congrats. I got 51 hours last week, and going for 55 this week.