How long does it take?


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So I assume it is absolutely impossible to take any responsibility for your is always the Company's fault. The training was not good enough; the equipment, etc... If it is a Tier 3, there is probably something that you could have done to minimize the damage. How about taking your actions in to account....?

Geez! I guess any Tier 3 is avoidable, huh?

Yep, nothing like judging something or someone when we don't have all the facts.

Sounds like you'd be good in management. IF you ain't already!


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You management team will always try and find some fault in what happened.

Ove a year ago I was rear-ended by a Semi on the high way traffic in front of me came to a complete stop. I was able to get my package car stopped in time to not hit the car in front of me but the Semi didn't have enough of a space cushion to react to the situation. I ended up actually getting pushed into the median wall (I was in the left lane) and blocking traffic during rush hour traffic on one of the busiest highways in the area.

The next day the Safety Manager approached me and started preahing to me about following distance....until I set him straight and reminded him that I didn't hit anybody so myspace cushion must have been plenty. I had a very brief safety ride that day and nothing was mentioned about the accident ever again. It was noted as unavoidable BTW.