How many are in the Tower of Tires ???


double tap o da horn dooshbag
Just recovering from the peak season this Sunday (we're 7 days/week)...

I have to maximize my cargo space, so every inch counts.



Reveal in 2020.

Take a guess, winner will get a PM of where OrioN operates in the USA (even though a select few already knows)


double tap o da horn dooshbag
Ok a member PM me about this... in 2020, I'm about to leave my comfort zone and transfer to another area of the state.

Already saying my goodbyes to my awesome customers - come January, I'll check out how bad the closer FedEx terminal is

Every day that I deliver in the stress free towns of my area doesn't feel like the state I'm living in...

One customer that lives in the lake community told me it's like living in "friggin Mayberry" and I had to look that up

Mayberry - Wikipedia

I mean look at the state of the art "computer" I just delivered yesterday afternoon:


Yeah, some of these customers already phoned the 1.800.Go.FedEx # sending compliments, but I need to stir the pot a bit & finally move on to another area closer to home.