how many folks actually retire from ups???

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  1. Coldworld

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    Question for you all, if you could guess a percentage, how many co-workers that you started the company with actually still work for ups. Question especially for employees with 20, 25 or 30 years in. For those that have retired, or know those who have, what would be the general age if you could guess?
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    Where I'm from, when somebody gets close to 50 years of age, the countdown begins (unless you don't have your 25 years in). My guess is the percentage is about 65% who "complete the tour", but then there are the nasty dreams, the cold sweats, the PTSD.
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    we have guys in our center that just cant quit. We have a 65 yr old and afew others that dont know what to do if they retire. Most have had cupcake rts. their whole career and have never driven a p1000. Im 51
    with 25 yrs and this spring is it. Half of my career was filling in for vacations but Ive been lucky in that a lot of these rts. were 250 mile +
    Ive delivered Yellowstone for several seasons. That was a great life experance. Ive seen it all in Yellowstone. Cant wait to retire in June and play golf, ride my horses and mule and hunt all fall. I do have very ambivalant feelings about UPS.:happy2:
  4. rod

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    Ya have to feel sorry for the ones that don't know when to retire. The best advise I can give is to plan for your retirement and then don't work one more day than you have to. Life is too short to make your wifes next husband a rich man.:nono:
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    Im sure that wyoming has some of the most remote routes in the ups system. There are many "stars" that have bought up thousands of acres in wyoming and have made them second homes....did you ever have to deliver to anyone famoud there? One more thing, congrats on the retirement, what was the most rural route you had to do in regards to stops and miles??
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    I just retired after 30 years. There is one driver still working who was there before me. Over the year, I would guess that 10 others have retired. Maybe 10 have gone into management and 8 - 10 have had to leave due to injuries. I lost count on how many just disappeared.:wink2:
  7. Baba gounj

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    Local 25's most senior man still works a full double day while collecting his pension & social security ( they automatically start when age 70 years comes ) working as a feeder shifter.

    Myself... 27 years pension credit, but still to young ( our plan now calls for a min. age of 57 )

    Just had two gentlemen retire both started a few weeks apart , 37 yrs each.
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    in the hub where i retired from we are geting around 10-15 a year to retire. this was from all of the grwoth ups had in the early 70's. we still have 2 feeder drivers that are fighting it out to see who can stay the longest. one has over 37 years and the other is right behind him. i guess he just like to be number 1 someplace in his live
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    During my first 5 yrs. I always wondered if anyone could make it. Never knew anyone that made it. Now, with 7 to go for me I have seen at least 20 drivers retire with 30 yrs. in. Maybe 6 or 7 didn`t make it. Most retirees in my center retire between ages of 48 to 58.
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  11. wornoutupser

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    I have been here over 20 years and I have only seen 1 feeder driver and one package driver retire in my building.
  12. trplnkl

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    In the 23 years I have been with UP$ we have had 8 or 10 retire, many quit and a few terminated and one die.
    There were three drivers that all started on the first day(30+ years ago) that UP$ operated a center out of our city. All were hired on the same day so their ranking on the list was determined by what time each punched in their first day. Numbers 1 & 2 were separated by less than one minute, number three (I think) was 5 minutes later. After those three we had a day 2 driver a day 3 and a day 4. OF those men the day 4 driver is still working but plans on retiring early this year. The #2 senior driver died of a heart attack in his package car on area.
  13. Fnix

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    I would figure the only way for you to not retire is if you quit or do something really bad to get fired or get a bad injury. And how much do part time years count towards pension?
  14. brownrodster

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    2 part time years count as 1 full time year toward years of service for retiring. Pention contribution for PT is pathetic... Like 10 pt years might be as much as 1 ft year :sick:

    I've never seen a driver quit, get fired, or die in my center. And I can only remember 1 driver who went to the dark side. We've got some lifers who could have retired a long time ago (dudes with almost 40 years in). I know guys who waited 10 years to get on full time here. And it's about a 3 year wait right now. Got 2-3 30+ yaer guys who *might* retire this year.

    Some guys talke about retiring every year... But they never leave.
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    Eleven more years for me, I've got a couple of options workwise that I would love to pursue when the time comes.

    I've seen about 20 go in our center. One guy who I was very close to says that he makes more now with a pension and a part time job than he did at UPS.
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    "Question for you all,"

    Are you including management? You night get two different answers to your question; one for the people who do the work, one for the people who watch.
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    I don't think there are any that LIVE to retire. Most are dead here.

    Seriously, about 15 out of about 100 feeder drivers in last 30 yrs. Don't know about centers where I came from. In different part of building and don't keep up or even see any of them.

    Sad, in my case, there are quite a few that retired that were under me in seniority. They may have come from other union trucking companys so that didn't help me out one bit as far as moving up.

    Plan to retire here in 2. Will have 31, be 62, collect early Social and don't plan to do anything but consume large quantities of alcohol, er, I mean, Geritol.

    Countdown to retirement is gonna be helped along by surgery, tho. Have been out for 3 weeks now and scheduled for total hip replacement in about 2 wks with time off amounting to about 3-4 mos. Hope to go back to work thru summer, then schedule OTHER hip for next winter. Let's see...3-4 mos plus 3-4 mos...hmmm...could be short yr in countdown.
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    Make sure you get your 156 reports in each of the following years to qualify for vacation.
    Not sure how many reports one has to have to get one years credit with the pension
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    hummpf. thought you got booted. Should have happened when you publicly attacked Cheryl here accusing her and the site admins of being biased.