How many is too many?

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  1. nystripe96

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    when I first started as a loader, I'd probably have 3-5 mis-sorts/week. Now over a month in, I'm down to 1 to maybe 3 mis-sorts/week. Unfortunately, I'm not eligable to make book until January due to the freeze which starts Oct 15th. I have to worry about being let go everyday for the next 3 months which is tough to stomach. Is 1 or 2 mis-sorts a week considered tolerable for someone whose only been in a month? The physical aspects of the job are no problem for me, that's why I'm so frustrated when I have a mis-sort
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    I cant believe what went through my mind when I read the title. :winks:
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    Yea yea, I knew I'd get that response
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    10 a week should be the limit when soups should start being proactive in this subject. Lately though, they've been writting people up for having just one, thats here though.
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    The smalls at the end of the shift have been the ones that get me lately. It's so frustrating to go home on such a downer after I worked my butt off all night
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    They have been writing them up for one here, also. Which is beyond unreasonable. Our dispatch sup misload more than anyone when we are short handed. If they can't live up to the expectations they have for us, I would say their expectations are too high.

    NYstripe96, why wouldn't you be in the union by Oct 15, or whatever your seniority date is? You were hired before the freeze. It shouldn't affect you.
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    Unfortunately in the N.Atlantic supplement it statess nobody is eligible to make book between Oct15-Dec31, even the non seasonal hires :(
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    Oh. Sorry. Listen, I wouldn't be too worried, if I were you. I think they see how hard you work and how much you want the job. You would be surprised how much that counts for something. Good luck to you. Sorry about that first post here. My mind revels in the gutter. :)
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    Thanx meno. It means a lot :)
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    I think he number is 1 in 5000 where I'm at. My preloader is able to do it.
  11. nystripe96

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    I'm at 1 every 3500 right now, which is basically every 3rd day or so. I just want to complete a week without a mis-sort, I'll feel way better about my situation. This week is already a scratch cuz i had one yesterday, bleh
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    Mileage varies from center to center, obviously; that being said, I'll make a remark or two relative to the operation I work in.

    I'm not sure when this happened, but just showing up to work every day, caring about what you do, and trying your best is now the mark of an exceptional employee/person. My philosophical feelings on this phenomenon aside, the reality is that if you do those three things (as someone else intimated), it goes a long, long way in the building where I am employed.

    That is not to say you should not continually analyze what you perceive to be as your shortcomings and try to improve them, but it sounds like you have some ground to stand on already. When you take your average kid off the street, and throw them in the cauldron that UPS can be, most quickly give up because "it's not possible", or quit. So, consider it from this perspective - if that is not you, and you still try hard on the really, really bad days, then management would be stupid to let you go.

    For some additional context, there have been 6 seasonal hires in the building where I am employed (sequentially, not aggregate) - every one washed out, quit, or was told to stop coming to work because of extreme performance shortcomings; we just lost number six on Monday.

    All that being said, there are no guarantees in life; so, good luck.
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    Awesome. Thanks for that commentary, its a major weight off my shoulders