How many of us are here

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  1. UpsPDXman

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    Just curious how many UPS Cartage driver are actually here.
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Sorry, not a Cartage driver.
    However, I have questions.
    Do Cartage drivers work under the umbrella of the SCS organization or under UPS Freight?
    What is the difference in a cartage driver and a freight driver?
  3. drewed

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    Yea I was wondering what the difference was too, I always thought it was under freight.
  4. scratch

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    They are not with UPSF, they work with SCS. UPS Cartage drive white trucks with a different uniform than UPSF. I have some pics in my Profile Albums. I have three SCS and Cartage buildings near my Hub.
  5. Big Babooba

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    I had a pickup that shipped UPS and UPS Cartage. I would get 10 - 30 packages a day weighing up to 60 lbs. NDA, 2DA, International etc. I had a 700 on that route. UPS Cartage would come in once a week in a 24 ft van and pick up a box the size of a softball. That was a Wicked Pissah!
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  7. UpsPDXman

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    Ok I will try and explain we do as a UPS Cartage Service driver:

    When we were bought by UPS we were one big happy family (office staff and drivers who worked with each other for many years). After awhile we were seperated from the office staff, which are now known as UPS Supply Chain Solutions. UPS created UPS CSI for the Union driver portion of the company. We are considered a vendor for UPS-SCS, which is lame.

    As a driver/dockworker our duties include breaking down the air containers that come off the UPSCO plane (which UPSCO bills UPS-SCS to fly our freight, silly i think).
    After the containers are broken down we load trucks and make deliveries and pick-ups just like small pack, but just now as many. Delivers include AM, Second day and derferred shipments.

    We also handle any freight that UPS sells to customers directly not going through UPS-SCS.

    Recently we started handling UPS-SCS ocean freight, pick up at our current customers and drop off to ocean facilites (more union work that was being done by non union trucking companies).

    As of this last contract there was language put in place that we could do short hauls (Portland,OR-Seattle,WA). We linehaul our freight between service centers and Hubs as long as they are cost efficent runs to the company, if they are not deemed cost efficent they are still being sub-contracted out.

    Most of our freight is palletized or crated, occasionally we pick up or deliver small packages that our customer base still ships through UPS-SCS. UPS did a very good job diverting most of the small packages to parcel with the rates they put in place.

    Thats about all I can think of right now, feel free to ask any questions you want to know the answer for.

    I would like to say, I for one am very glad UPS bought us, because just prior to the buyout I was certain Menlo Forwarding would last much longer.