how many part time job in the hub?

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    which one is the highest pay
  2. The preload shift pays the highest currently (if you load the package cars). Supposedly something was going to be done to get the 9.50 for the whole shift, but I don't know the progress on that (in the NE anyway).

    Other than that if you get on a hub sort, the sort isle pays the most as it is a skilled position. You have to pass a sort test in some hubs, others just put you there from what I hear on here. Either way you'll be making 9.50 with better hours than preload (if you get on the twi or day shift). You get a raise after 90 days, I don't know if the new progression is in effect for new hires (1.00 after 90 days instead of 50 cents). Hopefully a contract guru can lend a hand here.
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    This sounds like a kenmei question.
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    To answer your question kenmei style:

    many job in hub
    best job have best pay
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    dont u think its so rude to making fun of me hahaha