How much can management change a bidded route

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  1. FedExMan

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    How much can management change up a route before it has to be rebid?
    If they change a route from 5x to 4x10 does it have to be rebid?
    If the route changes more than 50% does it have to be rebid?
    I cannot find anything in the policy book. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Operational needs

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    I’ve never heard of any percentages. As far as I know, you can either stay on the route or bid off it.
  3. newgirl

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    They can do whatever they want. HEH

    Can u be more specific or will that out you? Used to be if they changed the start or end time by more than an hour and you had any seniority you could bump the lowest person with the same start time. Same with going from 5x to 4/10. The 50% was for rebidding station if more than 50% of the routes were changing.

    No one fights so mgmt gets away with doing whatever helps them, screw the drivers.
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    If the total hours of your route change by more than 2 hours, the route should be rebid.

    If it changes from a 4 day route to a 5 day route it needs to be rebid. If it changes from a Mon-Friday route to a Saturday-Thursday route it needs to be rebid.

    As far as “bumping” a junior employee...not at my location, but AGFS has different work rules.
  5. Oldfart

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    Some of our routes just went 4-10 and they were not bid. A GFT was filed and the employee lost. The routes stayed with those that were on them when they were 5 day.
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    In the past it was common that a route that changed (4x10 to 5x8 and vice-versa; M-F to T-S and vice versa) gave the courier the option to bump the courier with the least seniority of his classification and take his route.