How much does a trailer weigh?

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    Well, I am a fan of Tennessee Ernie Ford's song 16 tons and it seems so fitting to sing that at work.

    Now I started wondering how much freight do I actually load into the feeders.

    The sheets say I should get about 900 packages per 26 foot trailer, let's go with a more realistic number of 800 assuming for bulk, bad load quality and just general human error (we do have that at UPS sometimes, right?)

    Also, assuming that each package weighs on average 25 pounds, that comes up with 20,000 pounds per trailer which would be 10 tons. I was wondering if any feeder drivers or anyone else in the chain knows the actual preload weight and postload weight.
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    I've had pup's that weighed over 28k

    100% pup is usually between 21k and 24k

    not sure what they weigh empty........but empty container boxes weigh much more than a regular trailer
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    more than i can power lift
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    A long time ago the 28' drop frame pups had a empty weight sticker by the landing gear. I think it was 8,000 lbs or so. Who knows what a drop frame weighs these days, I used to always sweep up 50-75 lbs. of garbage before I would go make a pick up. Yea there were always a few envelope type packages in the mess.
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    tehy tell us in the neighborhood of 26k.
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    The 28 ft flatbeds that start with a 300 # weigh 8500. Not sure on the old container swinging door trailers. They fill heavier and walk around more than a new one.
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    I like the math approach. Is a 26 foot trailer one that gets doubled up? If yes, why are two 26ers better than one 53? Other than different drop offs. How many staes allow 3 trailers?
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    One 53 footer would be better, but I would think 45 and 48 footers are more common than 53's. Also, if the destination of the two pups has the unload capacity they can be unloaded at the same time on different doors. With two unloaders in each pup you can get double the flow and the theoretical 1600 packages (800 per pup) would be unloaded in half the time it would take compared to those same 1600 pieces unloaded from a 48 footer by two people.
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    Is it filled with European or African swallows?

    Sorry, old joke...
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    The UPS frieght guys know their trailer weights, its on their manifest. As far as my trailers, I never know the weight unless I go through the scale house and I am over 80k. That has happened twice to me going into LA. Both times they let me go on with no fine. They probably laughed as less then an hour later I would come back through with two empties.
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    Disregard bottom left. Old 26. Ain't used anymore.

    These are the "preload" weights. Ain't gonna know the "postload" weights cuz nobody weighs em when done.
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    According to outta hours the California Highway Patrol does.
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    I do too, once I pull across the state digital-readout scale and get pulled around back, way, far away from any UPS building and have to sign my name on an overweight ticket.
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    They r 28 feet instead of 26. I pull triples here in Oklahoma as you can tell by my sig picture. I have heard that there are less than 10 states that allow trips. I'm pulling double 45's back to OKC the last few month's. Some states just allow them on the turnpikes. Here in Oklahoma they are allowed on any 4 lane highway.
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    DOT has started setting up a temporary check point here in the town that I live in. They seem to do it about once every 2 or 3 weeks. ALL commercial vehicles have to go through. They weigh and will inspect if given a good enough reason. I know, I was pulled in one morning. Fortunately I did not have to go through an inspection. Another driver called me a little later in the morning and asked if I went through the check point. I told him yes. He said that he skipped it. :surprised: He was lucky and didn't get caught but I warned him that the fines are pretty steep and there is NO WAY UPS is going to pay those fines. I sure hope he got the message. :rolleyes2:
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    We have those here. They set up at a rest area on the Northway. All commercial vehicles must stop but they will usually just wave our package cars through. They have a trooper car set up about 1/2 mile down the road for anyone who doesn't feel like stopping and the fine is substantial and is paid by the driver.
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    When I used to pickup trailers coming from Grand Rapids, MI the seal controls had weights listed, usually between 26,000 to 34,000lbs. I think the pups were loaded with autoparts. We have had some drivers skip going into the scale house and it's a $1000 ticket. You get paid by the hour, I just think about the money I am making sitting in line to be weighed, but some of the tractors now have PrePass and will alert you if you need to pull into the scale house.