Does anyone fear technology ?

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  1. Im sure most have seen the special on worldport and know of the automated chicago hub . My question is where will our place in the future ? I honestly think we have at minimum 2 more contracts before serious change . Here is my outlook and my district big wigs outlook . When the technology hammer actually does get dropped it will affect us in these ways .

    1. There will be a big slowdown in the hiring dept.

    2. You can kiss just about all sorting jobs good-bye in major locactions smaller hubs will be uneconomical for the integration of sorting technology.

    -Preffered Jobs-

    3. -Irregs- All waiting for those cush irreg jobs forget about it now . This will be entirely handed over to UPS Freight .

    4. -Small Sort- Small sort will be heavily automated so kiss that dream goodbye.

    5. -Loader- With sorting estimated a almost 100% accuaracy loaders will be expected to work at a back breaking pace somewhere around 500 to 800 pph.

    6. -Unloader- Half of unload will be automated but bodies will still be needed to unload and keep flow of automated unloaders moving meaning breaking jams setting up robot in next trailer etc.

    7. -Primary Sorters- Fully automated except in smaller centers.

    8. -HVD/LVD- Same as above.


    A. -Load- Not needed for irregs in load. Will be needed for breaking jams, missort chutes, tape-ups, closing of trailers.

    B. -Unload- will be duties of regular unloaders.

    10. -Preload- Not affected.

    11. -Clerks- Not affected.

    12. -Car Wash- Not affected.

    13. -Porter- Not affected.

    14. -Hazmat- Not affected.

    15. -Shifter- Not affected.

    16. -Package Car- Not affected.

    17. -Feeder- Not affected.

    This might be the best to all union employees who have a deep hatred for mgmt. Also fair warning to all lifer mgmt. out there you will be the first to take that long walk out the gate after years of service.

    From the district/regional managers mouth p/t sup's will be the first to get there walking papers. With the widespread use of tech. there will be no need for the high # of outbound/inbound sup's. Instead of a sup for every area there will be something like a 1 to 5 area ratio.

    IE will still have jobs. Training will most likely completely phase out leaving training to hourly's with a $0.50 per hour premium paid for all hrs spent training. Most quaility control jobs will be slashed.

    This is fair warning to all with dreams of supervision it will be a pipedream at best. The biggest dark little secret is this supervision will most likely be completely dismantled and taken over by off the street hires at low wages high cost for benefits and no retirement.

    This is the bottom-line union members will be given opprutunity to finish their respective careers out with most likely a 20 or 25 and out plan. Then will be restructured into loading/unloading jobs for insane periods of wait for advancement to driving jobs. Supervision will be bought out or completely let go depending on years of service. Most high level mgmt. will filled by college graduates and other company poaching.

    The revolution is coming and it's only 10 to 20 yrs max from being at our doorstep. My final thought is staying hourly is youre best bet at a future, healthcare, pension, and job security. The sad truth is that teamsters will be taken care of because UPS will be forced to. Mgmt. on whatever you've been sold on its already in their crystal ball that you will all be pink-slipped with not a second of sleep lost. So all mgmt. out there that live and die for brown get youre education and start looking for ways out now for youre family's sake.
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    I was told for 30 years as a pkg driver if they could teach a monkey to drive I would be out of a job. :wink2:
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    I have to believe that IE jobs will be reduced tremendously. With Google maps and other technologies, a virtual time study can be calculated on every route every day. No need for IE's doing time studies.

    Pretty imaginative and creative although pretty cynical but ... all in all "I like It!"

    However, as I was reading it, I couldn't help to think of that Styx song:

    Well, I'm a jet fuel genius - I solve all the world's problems Without even trying
    Is it any wonder I'm null and void Is it any wonder I've got Too much time on my hands, it's ticking away at my sanity
    I've got too much time on my hands, it's hard to believe such a calamity

    Like the technology tie in with "Null and Void"
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    In the future a robot will drive the truck but I will do the deliveries.(unless a hot robot answers the door then my driver can deliver that stop)
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    Apparently some of the technology Shady fears is Spell Check.
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    If all technology works like PAS we have nothing to fear.
  8. Nice crack on the spell check... So what! This might not be in our lifetime considering it will take a good piece of fat of of UPS's steak but i believe by the next 100 yr bash there will be a tour somewhere like " people actually used to do this back-breaking labor " with many ohh and ahhhs following!
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    I believe it is more like skin off the ham.
  10. But Benefits Are Great!

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    The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!
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    Technology? The DIAD collects everything.
    If it is a problem-the DIAD could always fall into the river when I hit a bump on the highway. No more tracking! oops!
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    Yeah, the same way email was supposed put all the paper mills out of business! You know, it is post-Y2K now.

    Established Precident: he who has the best technology will survive
  13. Another point i would like to make is why do you think the stall in creation of 22.3 jobs. The company is in the war room debating the replacement of human labor. Maybe as i veiwed before we should make a great push for rights. Quite likely that may be what UPS is looking for to bring the new wave on... forget scabs fear the robots!
  14. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Pull Up!
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    While I don't consider you, I do consider you amusing. :angry:

    Seriously, I get a kick out of reading your stuff! :funny:
  16. How about you leave my discussions! I dont really care to see anymore of youre filth!
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    Please explain how ups freight will handle all irregs?
  18. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    I don't fear heights, I fear widths.
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    How about you leave your discussions?
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    I believe this fellow is in the wrong thread. He needs to find the one about drug testing.