How much is UPS paying for your benefits where you work?

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    I am curious because I was assuming the company pays about the same all over for our health and pension benefits. I know what you get for your health benefits and pension can be alot different from one plan to another plan. Try not to turn this into a pension thing. Don`t post unless your sure what is being paid for your benefits. Call and find out for sure and then please post.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    8/1/2010 $9.590
    2/1/2011 $9.965
    8/1/2011 $11.040
    2/1/2012 $11.465
    8/1/2012 $12.115

    Keep in mind that these contribution rates include our split raises being diverted to the pension as part of our pension rehabilitation plan.
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    Is that just pension ?

    Because numbers must vary how many children you have or are single with no kids (atleast healthcare) or is it a flat rate ?
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    That is health and pension and is an hourly contribution capped at 40 hours per week. Single, married, kids, no kids, does not make a difference as the pension is for the employee (unless you get divorced and ex-wifey wants 16% of it).
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    I am not sure of the exact dollar figures. I do know that the retiree portion is capped. Anything over the cap s charged back to retiree. It must be based on past actual or future expectations and then set as a fixed amount over that contract. In the 2007 contract the retiree portion went from $50.00 per month to $125.00-$130.00 (I don't remember exact amount). My guess would be UPS pays between $8500.00 and $12000.00 for your benefits and mine and each retiree. This would be between $708.00 and $1000.00 per employee per month. Remember UPS gets a large group discount policy. No one individual or small company could buy this coverage for this amount. Also, ours is considered a "Cadillac Policy." Hope this helps.
  6. Jones

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    Local 639 is currently at the following contribution rates for each full time employee:
    $7.72 per hour worked for the health fund
    $427.00 per week to the pension fund (assuming a 40 hour week)
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    New England Teamsters and Trucking Industry Pension Fund:
    8/1/2010 . . . .$7.21
    8/1/2011 . . . .$7.86
    8/1/2012 . . . .$8.51

    8/1/2010 . . . .$8.21
    8/1/2011 . . . .$8.56
    8/1/2012 . . . .$8.91

    No split raises have been diverted into either fund.

    The Pension Fund covers all of New England.

    The H&W Fund covers Locals 25 and 42, but other H&W funds in New England probably have the same contribution rates.

    Contributions to both funds are made on all paid hours, up to a maximum of 40 hours per week.

    The total contribution (Pension and H&W combined) is set in Article 34 of the National Master, then the regional Supplements divide up the money between their Pension Funds and H&W Funds as needed.
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    Just for comparison what UPS pays in Canada :
    about $50 per month in medical and dental.
    and just going up to $70 something per month on pension (prior to the new contract just signed it was $50).

    Works out to $120 per month for bennies, or $40 per week, or less then $1.00 per hr).

    Besides that, lower wages for drivers (about $24 US / hr)