How much to Full-time Sups make?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by The Preloader, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. I was just wondering how much the average Full-time preload supervisors make. Does anybody know. Thanks

  2. VoiceOfReason

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    More than me and more than you. That stuff seems to be a secret even amongst them. I have gathered there are multiple payscales even within the same grade. I'm sure its more than fair and less than outrageous.
  3. brownISer

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    I'd say anywhere from 4 to 5 grand a month
  4. rngri4

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    I guess you haven't read your Management Policy book, you will be terminated for discussing yours and other managements salary. I've seen it happen.
  5. VoiceOfReason

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    Well that explains why its a big secret.
  6. undercoversupe

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    I have seen a lot of salaries. Let's just say it is pretty good. Well, when you first become a supe it is ok, but after a few years it is pretty good. There is a WIDE scale.
  7. MR_Vengeance

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    70000-80000 a year?
  8. rngri4

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    I will not discuss particular numbers, but I will say that the people being promoted now, are starting much less, than they would've five years ago. The problem is they are young, and have stars in their eyes when they get the offer. Nowadays they can start some young person off, give them a little authority, and pay them 25 percent less than what they would've even 3-5 years ago lets say. I think with a younger generation in some respects, the starting pay for a new Driver Sup, is only about ten or twenty percent more than driver starting pay.
  9. Keepingthemhonest

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    (evaluated on a 45-50 hour workweek w/o any overtime...most drivers make more than their sups unless their sups numbers have looked good for years)
  10. hoser

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    The driving sup drives a nice mitsubishi SUV....heh
  11. moneyhole

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    Staff sups start at about 52G, a staff supv who actually supervises people can start at 60g. An Operations supv can start at 60g.

    They both get MIP. It used to be between 8 & 15G per year. Now the MIP is 50% upfront, with the remainder over 5 years.

    My numbers are based on when I was brown and in supv, several years ago.
  12. helenofcalifornia

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    Doesn't mean it's paid for. And to me it indicates he has more time and is more rested where he can go out and look for cool-looking cars. Our on-car supe brags that he only puts in 8 hours a day. Only knows 4 routes and is the training supe.
  13. hoser

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    Hence, it means he's happier :D:lol:
  14. tieguy

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    its a mystery because there are many different variables nationally.

    A full time sup can be anywhere from a grade 11 with no one reporting to them to a grade 15 who has other f/t sups reporting to them.

    Then it depends on the part of the country you are in. A full time sup in New York city would make more then a full time sup in Alabama due to the cost of living.

    A full time sup who supervises full time hourly people would make more than one who has part timers.

    And last it depends on what you made prior to your promotion. A top scale driver would start out higher then one who delivered for 3 months before getting bumped up. General guideline would be about 20 to 30 percent more then you were previously making.

    While discussing individual salaries can create heart ache because everyone tends to think they are better then they are I would find it hard to believe we are firing anyone for doing so. If so feel free to file an EDR case its a sure winner.