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  1. wangbar

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    Is 56 to old for pt package handling? I'm in good shape and very active.
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  2. UnsurePost

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    some will tell you 18 is too old.
  3. konsole

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    theres your answer right there.

    think about your stamina though, like will you be able to keep up with the work for a while? You may be in good shape and be ok for a little while but what about after a year or so?

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    It's a great way for a 56 year'er to keep in shape.
  5. wangbar

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    This is what I thought. As far a keepin' up, I dunno till I try.
  6. trplnkl

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    Take a cardboard box, put about 50 lbs. of sand in it. Pick it up. walk 20-30 feet, set it down.......rinse & repeat....10 times without stopping. Then see how ya feel.

    no, I'm not kidding.
  7. wangbar

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    For 4 hours straight? Jeez, the videos on the UPS website show everyone using conveyors and such. I mean, this is the 21st century, man walk upright now.
  8. UPSGUY72

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    Don't believe everything the videos show you. Every building isn't like Worldport. The packages have to get from the Belt to the package cars somehow, the trucks don't load or unload themselfs with the push of a button.
  9. wangbar

    wangbar Wannabe

    Yes, but I guess I assumed they had some sort of moblie conveyor that led to the truck. Or at a minimum, carts or something.
  10. fethrs

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    Some facilities have slow moving belts that you pluck the packages off of, some have big "slides" where the pacakges slide down to you and you have to sort and load them.
  11. things2auction

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    A lot will depend on the center you apply for. At my center we unload trailers using 10' long steel rollers. You unload until you can put one in, unload more, put another one in, and unload until the trailers done. The videos on the website would be like a dream. Small boxes light boxes, unloading one by one, oh man that would be nice.

    As for the truck loader position that looks like cake the speed he's loading at. Every center is different but we go at a much much faster pace. Boxes are moving down a conveyor belt stacked side by side, you pick them off as they go by for the 3-5 trucks that you are loading, and quickly go into the truck to load the package. Non-stop for 4 hours except for a short break.

    However, we do have 3 people over 50 in our center and they keep up just fine. The only think I would worry about would be wear and tear on your body. Its rough work and much harder then you would think. Try it out and if its not for you just quit. :whiteflag:
  12. finaddict

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    Joint council 83 is looking at minimum age 58 for FT retirement age. Possible age 62. How's that going to affect production? Lets see...start driving at lets say 25. 33 years or more of delivery? Not going to happen. Just thought I'd throw that out there to stir the pot a little.
  13. rocket man

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    TRY it you are the only one who can answer that. good luck . IF you dont make it at least you tried. THERE are 17 year olds that dont make it.
  14. rod

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    Go for it. If you can't do it you can become a part time sup:happy2:
  15. Joined UPS when I was in a similar age group (am not looking that old). The first 3 months were hell for my body (the positive side was I lost a lot of unnecessary weight). Moved a little bit higher after a relatively short time, but the demands on the body remained, and sometimes body, heart and spine send some very clear signals. Honestly, you should look into a mirror and ask yourselves: do you want your body (and spine) to go through this experience?
    The positive side of it is BENEFITS (once you have reached this stage).
    The questions you will have to ask yourselves are:
    - what is more beneficial to your body: a free of charge workout at UPS or a gym membership?
    - what is more cost-effective: to acquire benefits for you and your family associates (whoever will be eligible) or to look elsewhere?
    Overheard a recent statement of a teamster rep to possible seasonal candidates: "Your "derrieres" will be worked off". Are you willing to meet this challenge?
    Your mind might say yes, your body (during and after inititation) might give you different signals.
    At this age, you have to weigh your options very carefully and wisely.
    What are your expectations? To provide and acquire a certain safety net for you and your immediate companion?
    If you join for just the pay (loader, unloader, wherever),you will be disappointed. If you join to be part of a winning and widely accepted company, then you are in the right place. Even at your age, there are opportunities. But it might take time.
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  16. hellfire

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    if your doing part time ,, yes,, full time,, no
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    What do you mean "not going to happen"? I don't think you will have much of a choice if you want your full pension. NYS Teamsters is talking about raising the retirement age to 57, which would affect a few folks here if they don't grandfather them in. I will be 58 when I get my 30 so I will not be affected. 58 is a reasonable age--62 would not be, not in this job.
  18. rorojo

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    Don't listen to the negativity there are a lot of positions on preload that don't' require heavy lifting like spa and data capture. I started UPS as a second career at 38 and have never been in better shape, started as a clerk and became a driver at 39 and love it.
  19. dcdriver

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    At age 56 I will be retired for at least 6 years good luck.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Not if they change the minimum retirement age!