How to buy UPS truck for a 4 year old boy

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  1. Hi, My husband and I are loyal UPS customers for many years. Thanks for all you do. I am sending out this post, in the hopes that someone could assist me with finding a toy UPS delivery van for my 4 year old grandson. He adores them. I've searched the internet and cannot find one that is appropriate for a 4 year old. He was diagnosed with brain cancer at 8 months old. He had been in remission until last week. He has another tumor in his brain. He goes for surgery next week. I was really hoping to find a truck for him by then. Can anyone help me to order one for him? His name is Matthew Beaudry. If you go to facebook and look at his big blue eyes, you wouldn't be able to turn away. Thank you for any help you can give.
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  3. Thanks for the quick reply Klein. I guess I should have added that I'm looking for something closer to a scale of 1/30 or 1/24 (or even bigger) if I could find it. Also, I've seen the "plush" UPS vans for sale, but I don't think that's what he wanted. I'm sure there must be something like what I want out there somewhere for sale. Thanks again
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    Talk to your driver and ask him to talk to his management team or his HR dept. If they are anything like my team they would love to help. (are you a Commercial customer or a residential customer ? )
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    Good job upsgrunt.
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    That same E-Bay Seller linked above sells a lot of UPS stuff and has some bigger in 1/32 scale. He has at least ten of them but they are listed for a little over $50. They look like the promotional cars we win as prizes. These are about 10 inches long and made of metal.
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    You may not have the $300 plus for this but darn, it's cool.

    There are lots of die cast trucks out there but they are not so good for such a youngster. They make plush trucks for younger kids that he could sleep with and toss around without any injury. At times there is one for sale on ebay but I don't see one now.

    The suggestion of asking your UPS driver is a great one. Employees have access to a catalog full of goodies that you won't find at the regular toy store. I have every hope that your local driver/center will be able to find something.

    Aha, here's a cap. I think it's $12.95 plus shipping. He might be able to wear this at the hospital.
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    not sure if you can email me or message me, if you can i will see what i can do.
  10. The Kid, I am a residential customer. But our UPS guy delivers to our home so frequently, I am beginning to wonder if the neighbors think I am having an affair. Haha. I tease my husband about this all the time, because most of the deliveries are for him. So I will take your advice and ask him if there is some way to buy something through his management team or HR dept. Thanks.
  11. upsgrunt and dillweed, that peddle car is AWESOME. The price is a little more than I was intending to spend at this time. But with other family members offering to chip in, we may go ahead and get it. The other issue with getting the peddle car right now, would be his ability to use it any time soon. He is having further testing today to see if the cancer has spread from his brain into the spine. Surgery will be within next 7 days, immediately followed by chemo and radiation. This extended recovery period makes him very sick and weak (we know from his prior experience 3 years ago). Don't want to excite him with the car and have him not be able to use it. But I am ordering the hat right now. That was a great idea. And will look for the plush one also, to use until he feels a little stronger. You guys have all been great to help me with this. I was pulling my hair out, searching to the end of the internet and back. Thanks again.
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    My prayers are with your family, Lorrie.
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    Lorrie, if you don't mind, where are you located?
  14. menotyou, thank you. We are gratefully accepting any and all prayers from everyone. We all felt the love when he went through this the first time, 3 years ago. It was such a shock to be hit with it again, because he has been so healthy and vibrant. When someone meets him for the first time, they would never guess what he had been through. Thanks again.
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    I believe Old International would be able to help you out with your request if you PM(private message-took me forever to figure that out). He is quite the gentleman.

    Once, when I was going through something that IN NO WAY compares to your ordeal, I was told some advice that I thought was kinda silly, but is really so very true.

    "God gives what he knows we can handle"

    I don't mean that in reference to your son, but to you and your husband. It's an awesome thing you are doing. I can feel the love you have for your child. God Bless.

  16. Old International,
    My husband and I live in the most northeastern city in Maine. My grandson lives in Southern Mass. Close to Providence, RI. Eight hour drive, no matter how you do it. Makes this whole thing that much worse. But at least he is closer to Boston, and t he most updated cancer treatments available. We will be driving down to be with him during the surgery next week. So I am frantic to find the UPS truck and see that smile light up on his face. He loves trucks of any kind, for the most part. But I would venture to guess, the UPS truck and driver, are special to him, because he gets a lot of his boxes from Grammy and Grampy through UPS. That's important stuff when you are 4 and get a "little" spoiled by your grandparents. Haha
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    I have a die cast replica of the package car(truck) with flame logo on the side unopened.Its metal and about 5 inches long. If you have an email Id be happy to contact you and ship it to you free of charge...its the least I can do.....
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    There is nothing at all silly about that saying.
    1st Corinthians 10; 13 talks about that very thing.

    Your family is in my prayers.