How to get a job at UPS after being a helper?


Hi this is my fist post, i worked for UPS real hard during the Christmas time. Now i want to work for them as an unloader in the night, or something similar like loading. I was told that i would have a better chance of getting hired then just someone coming off the street because the help i provided. But exactly how do i get a job now that 4 months have passed since i helped.

In Ups jobs under my job inquiries i applied for the package handler position before i even was a helper. Thats how they found me and gave me the helper position. So now in job inquiries it just says on file and i cant do a new one.

So what do i do? i would like to be able to talk to someone on the phone. But they do not provide a number on the UPS JOBS site. Any help would be so much appreciated, I live in California. And the place is in the SFV Of Los Angeles.

Please help....


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Go to the H/R building at the hub near you and fill out another application. There will be people there who will help you!!!


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Well your in the door. Go by the center and keep talking to the center manager and making yourself known. Don't give up!!