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    When my first 30 working days are up, will I be contacted by someone, or do I need to seek someone out?
  2. They will start taking initiation fees and dues out of your check don't worry about it
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    Does the fact I'm in a "RTW" state make any difference?
  4. That my friend I can not answer.
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    The steward will approach you with a little piece of paper and ask if you want to be in the union and you sign it if you do
    The paper will also tell you your initiation fee.
    Mine was $0 so idk how that part works.
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    It does. You have to choose ('elect') to join the union. Get the application from your steward on day 29 and have it filled out and ready to turn for day 30. Then, if you really want to become a Teamster, go to a meeting, take the oath of allegiance and learn the secret handshake.
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    I signed the union application when I accepted the driving position and filled out the HR paperwork. When my 30 days were up, I received benefit and insurance paperwork from the teamsters in the mail. Done and done.
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    Really? Here, we have to wait 9 months for that benefit and insurance information (as you have to be with the company 9 months to be eligible). However, like you, I signed that union paperwork when I was hired. 30 days later, they started deducting union dues (oddly enough, my first 2 deductions were $35, and this past check they were only $25). I haven't received a union card or anything though....I guess that will come once the initiation fee is paid in full...?
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    It's my understanding that only part-timers have to wait 9 months. If you go into a full-time position you immediately get benefits.
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    That's interesting and good to know. Thanks! (Yet another thing I've will research thanks to this site)
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    If you were in my area, the BA let's you work a year or more before getting around to all the difficult steps involved with you joining this great union.
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    Or the contract, and your local supplement/rider.

    That has the answer to every question ever asked on this site
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    Can you show me what Article covers attendance?
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    Sure. What's your local
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    uh oh..
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    Dont think i need to screenshot the part of the contract that says show up to your regularly scheduled start time....not showing up to your start time is a violation of the contract...and progressive discipline can begin.

    I dont agree with starting discipline after one tardiness but since your region didnt negotiate it, its within the companies right. A manager would really have to have it out for you to start discipline with your first late day but they could in the southwest unlike the central region where it specifically states that they cant start discipline until your 5 or 6th late day in a 9 month period

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    In my local, we have an 80 hrs/month requirement for the first 4 months for full timers. After that you only have to maintain 40 hrs/month to keep benefits.
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    This is not strictly or necessarily true. The company must follow their policy regarding attendance. If they choose to change that policy, they have to negotiate it with the union. If they don't they could face ULP charges.