how to properly do a daily pickup.

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  1. Coldworld

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    Hey all. I just have a question for you regarding daily pickups. When you get to the pickup stop do you open the pickup in the diad when starting to load, or wait until all of the packages are loaded then open the stop and scan the end of day. We get a certain allowance for loading and if we open up the stop after loading are we loosing time for ourself? Wondering what you each do?
  2. 3 done 3 to go

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    When I get to the pk up. I turn off truck,secure brake, remove keys. Then I open the pk up stop. I sometimes have to wait for the customer to finish. Load pkgs. As I return to the truck cab I stop complete. Then sit,seat belt,start and go
  3. newguy1

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    prerecord.....stop complete in the 15 min before/after schedule time
  4. soberups

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    The "allowance" is supposedly based upon a national average for how long it takes to load an average sized package.

    When you scan the end of day or when you open up the stop in your log are not relevant and will have no effect on your time allowance.

    Your career at UPS will be a happier one if you are able to stop worrying about irrelevant staticstics that you have no control over, such as being "overallowed". You are paid by the hour to work as instructed. How UPS chooses to quantify, measure or evaluate that time should not matter to you. Their "allowances" seldom have any basis in reality, and are little more than random numbers created by some guy sitting in a little room with no air in it who has never been to your area, never done your job, and never driven a package car or delivered a package. A room full of monkeys rolling dice could probably come up with something pretty comparable.
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  5. soberups

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    What you are doing is sort of like a doctor hiding a tumor by using a bottle of white-out to touch up your chest X-rays rather than telling you the truth about your condition and putting you on chemotherapy.

    Your management is probably fine with what you are doing because it keeps them from having to actually work to solve the underlying problem, and they dont have to be accountable for anything.

    Once Loss Prevention shows up and starts sniffing around though, it will be a whole different story and you will be fired for dishonesty and an example will be made of you to any other driver who would dare to demonstrate a "lack of integrity" by "falsifying data."

    I would suggest that you start making different choices---immediately.
  6. cosmo1

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    I often forget to open and complete my first p/u stop. It's scheduled on trace and any time. I generally go by around 11:00 AM, and if his sign is in the window, I stop.

    When I get to my second (and last) stop later, I complete it then.
  7. mainebrown

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    if u prerecord...and complete stop later...the stop will timestamp when u prerecorded it....
  8. upsdude

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    I just make the pickup in trace and stop complete it the instant I know the numbers. If a customer asks me to come back, I go back and stop complete it after the 2nd attempt.
  9. looper804

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    I open pu,scan all the outgoing pkgs,match that # with what the end of day says.As long as the #'s match I stop complete and go to the next pu and repeat process.
  10. helenofcalifornia

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    OK, how do you do a UPS store pickup then? Do you scan all the packages when you pick them up or just scan the end of day at the final "close out" pickup?
  11. Cobra Agent

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    On my regular pickups i scan every package including end of day. However when i pick up the UPS store i was told by my supe to just scan end of day because of the number of packages (especially on mondays). Why cant you just ONLY scan the end of day all the time, with out scanning each individual package.
  12. brownmonster

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    Only scan internet pkgs. Pkgs with end of day need not be scanned.
  13. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    A room full of monkeys rolling dice could probably come up with something pretty comparable.

    Hey, leave my center team out of it.
  14. looper804

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    I pick up a UPS store on Mondays.I scan everything,usually about 250 pieces.
  15. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    I had a sup once that privately said he doesnt know how any driver could possibly get done having to do every little method that they tell us with some of the workloads that are given. I really dont look at the printouts each morning like some do, but I have glanced from time to time and it just is a little disappointing to think you had a really good day yeserday but you were an hour over...or more. Good information regardless sober!!
  16. Mike Hawk

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    Isn't the point of the end of day to eliminate the scanning of every box?
  17. looper804

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    I scan for 3 reasons:

    1: I can never be accused of not picking up a paticular pkg.

    2: My name is never on any origin claim reports.

    3: I wan't the customers end of day report to equal what I am picking up.Example: If their end of day says 27 and I have only scanned 26,they need to find the missing pkg or remember that they forgot to void 1.This keeps the customer happy and goes far in the customer relations area.
  18. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    There are 2 preferred options for daily p/us

    1.) call from another stop to eliminate travel

    B.) Drive by stop and look for sign in window declaring whether or not there is a p/u
  19. looper804

    looper804 Is it time to go home yet

    1) why call,you are getting paid to go there.

    B) Who gets the blame when you drive by,see no sign but don't realize that the sign has fallen out of the window?
  20. brownmonster

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    I would scan all my pick up pieces but I'm in a hurry.