how to quit the union?

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  1. bscott85

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    has any1 on this forum quit the union? ive heard its difficult.. ive been at UPS for almost 5 years now and im just fed up with the dues, the way they defend awful employees and where my money ends up going

    so how does 1 leave the union?

    and what would be the pros/cons of leaving the union


    edit: im new to this forum and just read a lot of past threads and see a lot of hate towards ppl that are anti union..

    just wanted to clarify ive been in the union for almost 5 years (not required to join union in VA, joined voluntarily) and i just dont think that it has served me well in my case and i want to leave, i know several people in my hub that have worked here 10 years+ and never been in the union and i cant help but think of all those wasted dues ive paid and got nothing out of it.. also i know of 3 specific people in my work area alone that are also interested in leaving the union
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  2. barrycold

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    You quit
  3. bscott85

    bscott85 New Member

    care to elaborate? pros/cons?
  4. chopstic

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    You'll have to check with your state's labor laws. I think only some states allow for people to seperate from their union and keep their position.
  5. trplnkl

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    you decide your own pros and cons, if VA is a right to work state, call the union (you may have to go to the hall) and withdraw.
  6. spuman

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    Go into management,where the awful employees get promoted.
  7. brownmonster

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    Call the APWA. You sound like the perfect candidate.
  8. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    apply at fedex
  9. stevetheupsguy

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    Give me youe name and address. I'll be sending a couple of guys over to visit you. The guys go by the name of Moose and Rocko. They'll show you how to withdraw, alright.:happy-very:
  10. Red Dawn

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    coworker said the same out...then got a sup that didn't like him..called union for help and was mad that they hung up on
  11. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    vincent says say yo to moose and rocko
  12. browndevil

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    Look at it on the positive side. Your union dues pay for your bargained rights, health care, your pension, vacations, sick days and holiday pay. So my opinion is no don't quit the union. Don't worry about the dumbasses the union protects, That is their job. You just do yours and be a good forthright employee which I bet you are:happy2:
  13. backinbrown

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  14. 705red

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    Why not take 1 of those weeks of vacation you have to go and see a shrink with your medical to see if they can give you a prescription you can pick up with your prescrition card, That the union got you to begin with, you ungrateful little whiner!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    can i get an amen
  16. Braveheart

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    What he said. Plus if you want a new local vote the others out and get new ones. If you want better stewards vote for a new one and or become one. I have been hearing a lot of guys wanting to get out of the union over the last number of years.

    Union getting weak and not enforcing the contract. No one getting back pay anymore and constant harassment.

    Then vote out your local and if you do not like Hoffa vote him out too.

    We need to enforce the contract and hold the union to the fire since we pay their salaries.
  17. King Of Queens

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    Union Buster Go Teamsters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go work for Fedex you non union Freak
  18. pickup

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    Allright let's go down memory lane again. The movie is caddie shack , the vibrations of the groundskeepers bombs finally cause the ball to fall into the hall. Now the dialogue.

    Rodney dangerfield's character - Allright , Smells (ted knight judge) that's 80 grand you owe me , now fork it over!

    Smells: You, You, you'll get nothing, do you hear me? Nothing.

    Rodney - Yeah, I figured as much, hey Moose, Rocko, help the judge find his checkbook.

    Thanks, steve, for keeping moose and rocko alive all these years
  19. chopstic

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    People dont appreciate the union until their job is in jeopardy or they get into trouble and they need the support of their local. I say lets inform all these people exactly how to quit the union. Then when they get pushed out of their job by management the rest of us union worker will have more opportunities to go full time.
  20. ups79

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    The union still has to get their jobs back.