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    I have an old folks home on my Route. In the diad EDD lists each Apt as seperate stops. However I do not take these packages to each Apartment or leave infonotice on the Apartments, everthing goes straight to the office. I do not want to Pad stops so how do I sheet these in the Diad. Thanks for the help.

    SWORDFISH New Member

    I think the best way to do it is to scan the first pkg. and dont put an apt # in then press down to go into the delivery screen and scan all rest of them. After that just have the office person sign the board and stop complete the stop w/ 7, left at office. That way you will be showing that you left all of them there and you willl only be taking one stop.
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    Ask your center team how they want you to sheet those packages, and then do exactly what they say.
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    Why do you bot knock on the doors and wait to see if someone replies and if not home then take to office? It seems to me if your already there to leave a notice you should be knocking. Just guessing here but I doubt you will go ask your center team because they do not know you are doing this.
  5. dannyboy

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    The methods say that if you do not attempt the packages at the individual appartments, then it is only one stop.

    If you were to go by and attempt them all, then they each would be a seperate stop.

    Interesting enough, to add more confusion to the mix, when we were on bonus, even after you attempted the individual deliveries, all the left ats were all one stop, regardless of the number of appartments you left notices on.

    Example, the appartment complex gets 20 deliveries. You find 5 at home, and leave 15 delivery notices for the rest. You get the office to sign for the 15, and it counts as 20 stops, even though you actually made 21.

    With bonus, you only got to count 6 stops. Any more would be inflating stops, and would get you fired.

    So that is one of the reasons we voted out bonus, because management was playing games with what was and was not a stop, and with bonus, that type of issue can get you fired.

  6. dannyboy

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    This will get you fired. Leaving packages at an alternate delivery point, without attempting the actual delivery to the actual address is padding stops. Period. Any good manager would have an easy job getting rid of you for doing this.

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    Keep in mind this is an old folks home. This is not the usual apt. building situation. Disregard all apt. numbers and it is simply one stop to the delivery point. Most of the rooms will have someone sleeping, laid up, hauling an oxygen tank, or just doesn't know who you are or what you want. Let the nurses make the deliveries.
  8. rod

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    finally common sense prevails
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    I deliver to an assisted-living center with a communal dining area. I normally get there at mid-day, while the residents are eating lunch.

    Anything small and light...that can fit in the basket of a walker... gets left at the managers office. I sheet each apt as a seperate stop, and leave a note on the appropriate mail box in the lobby.

    Anything more than about 10 pounds gets taken up to the customers room and either brought inside, or left at their door.

    It serves no purpose to use normal apartment delivery methods in this case. The residents are all at lunch in the dining room when I get there, so they wont be in their rooms to accept the package. And if I leave the note on their door, they will simply have to ride the elevator back down stairs to the managers office to retrieve the package. By leaving the note on their mailbox...which they check for mail when they are done eating...I save them a trip. And I also save myself 10 minutes of hiking around while blocking scarce parking spaces. its a win win for everyone.
  10. trplnkl

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    If you really want to this correct...hahaha.
    (1) If you are going to each Apt and leaving a notice after knocking and waiting appropriate time, you record that as NI 1.(scan del notice), stop complete, the same for each one. (2) Then when you get to the office, pre record with "duplicate" for each package, then get a signature for all from the office as the left @ location. You get legal credit for each stop because you made a legal attempt at each stop before in-directing to office.
    If you are not doing (1) then go directly to office and continue with (2) except for the first Apt# do not use "dup" for one stop.
  11. dannyboy

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    You bring up a good point.

    There are those assisted living buildings where the "appartments" all feed into a hallway of the same building. The same building as the office, dining room etc etc. In this case, it would be just one stop, as the usual rule of thumb is that you have to have a pass to wander the halls.

    I have several where the appartments are not all under one roof. Hence the reference to appartment buildings.

  12. UPSGUY72

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    I'm confused is it a apartment building for old people or a nursing home. If it's a nursing home you deliver to the office. If it's a apartment building for old people and each person has their own apartments then you deliver to each apartment. It's also probably a secure building so you can knock on the each door and leave the package.

    Some people will tell you to leave them at the office to save time. I good rule of thumb to use is if each resident has their own mailbox I would deliver to each apartment.
  13. atatbl

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    As someone who works in a bonus center, I can tell you this i not true. I know how stop counts work, more importantly I know how stop counts work in conjunction with proper methods. Furthermore I know how they work in calculating my over/under. What district do you work in? The reason I ask is per the normal procedure here.... what management team is giving you incorrect information?
  14. rod

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    if you are working in a bonus center I bet you are triple entering them plus leaving them in the entryway- and making up a few besides:happy2:
  15. bad company

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    Packages for Multiple Consignees left at Central Receiving/Mail Room and recorded as One Stop

    When individual delivery attempts are NOT made, InfoNotices are not used, and when packages are

    Left At one place - a Designated Package Room (mailrooms, apartment leasing office, apartment
    manager’s office etc.) must be recorded as one stop.

    When there is also a delivery package for the leasing office or the apartment complex or manager
    (where packages for multiple consignees are being left at) this delivery is recorded as part of the stop
    and no additional stop credit should be taken. Designated Package Room Definition - A mailroom or package room or office set aside in a residential or institutional type building which
    has an attendant to receive packages for the building’s occupants or

    handles all the receiving for multiple locations around the city or

    where a receiver has multiple buildings with one address - campus style, military base style where

    individual building numbers are indicated.)
  16. dannyboy

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    what is not true? Who is it you are responding to?

  17. barnyard

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    We have an apartment building in our center where the manager demands that we leave all the packages with her and that we do not ring the individual rooms. She says that the tenants pay for her to take the packages and put them in their room when it is convenient for the tenant.

    We sheet it as 1 stop.

    Same thing with college dorms.

    Leave them all at the front desk and the RA signs.

    1 stop.
  18. i have 2 nursing homes on my route, i deliver everything as one stop to the office. i also have an apartment complex where i will leave all packages at the office as individual stops but leave notes on the doors of all the buildings of the people who had packages.
  19. iruhnman630

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    Is this how the nursing homes want the deliveries done? Policies vary from one to another.
    Now this sounds like your setting yourself up for trouble. Apartment stops are typically individual stops. Are you making delivery attempts at the apartments or just delivering to the office first? If you're going to the office first, why then are you wasting time going to the apartments to leave delivery notices? Make the delivery attempts first, leave dr notices (or attempt delivery to a neighbor), then deliver the NI's to the office if the office accepts resident packages.

    First and foremost, above all other advise here, let your management tell you how they want it done.
  20. trplnkl

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    Actually, First and foremost, make sure anything they tell you is in front of a reliable witness or is in writing. They may well tell you how it do something and then lie to protect themsleves if it turns out to be incorrect.