How to tell if I'm part of the Union?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by infamousKB, Jun 20, 2016.

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    so, I know I filled out the paper to join the Union. I was told that by joining they take "Union Fees" from your paycheck, but when I look at the pay stubs, I do not see anything indicating that.
    Also, I was told the by joining he Union, around the your first year, you would get free benefits. It does not seem like their free to me. Since I just recently received a package in the mail
    Please help, how can I tell if I am part the Union or not? Also where o can o get more detail information insurance
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    You get the benfits if you join or not. The union negotiated your benefit package.

    If you haven't seen anything taken out of your checks, you are not in the union.
  3. hondo

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    @infamousKB: Do you have seniority yet? Some Locals wait until you have seniority.

    Also, dues/fees can be deducted on different schedules. Depends on where you are. Here it's the first four paychecks each month, elsewhere it's once a month.

    If you can't find your shop steward or a knowledgeable coworker to ask, I suggest you call your Local Union office. There should be a bulletin board in your center/hub listing their address/phone #, maybe website/email too.
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    Wonder what would happen if you called the union hall and asked them

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    Mouth off and see if they fire you. If they do you aren't in the union.
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    Dues are taken the 1st week each month. You may need to wait for Aug 1st ck to go thru.