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    First off i discovered you guys the other day. Hello. There are some goofy people on here. Any who, I have an interview coming up for a part time package handler position. Seems the interview process isn't anything to worry about and glad to hear positive feedback about the job.
    My questions are how easy is it to move from a part time package handler to working full time, and do the shifts differ from the part time sunrise/twilght/night shifts? Like if I get full time do the shifts change from the 4/5 hours a day to 8/10 hours?
    Any help would be great. have a good day you beautiful bastards.
  2. Wrong

    Wrong :))

    Depends on your area really. Pt to ft is a question for fellow employees and HR.

    Preload is package cars
    Twilight is feeders
    Night shift I think is a continuation of twilight, what it was at my hub during peak season.

    I wouldn't worry about combo yet, and if you go full time soon it'll be package car driving. Try to go tcd first qualify then sign full time.
  3. I don't take to kindly to being called goofy. To answer your questions, not very and maybe.
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    Goofy in a good way Jones. Im out of work right now and looking for something new to do part time that may eventually lead into something full time.
    I guess i have another question while I'm at it. If I do in fact get hired part time, will the hours remain constant? I'm in the job hunting process :scared: and while working part time (maybe) will i have a schedule that allows me to go to other interviews and possibly fit that around my schedule?
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    And should I stay clear from mentioning in the interview that I'm on the prowl for something else. I wouldn't mind being put on permanently but as a part time worker i know the job may not last long. I would like to get my foot in the door at the company and make a career out of it but with the uncertainty of remaining with the company its always nice to poke around at other opportunities.
  6. Not many full time positions for package handlers.
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    Everyone in HR knows you and every other new hire is on the prowl for something else. They've processed the separation forms on thousands of employees who left for other jobs.

    You just have to be socially adept enough to look your interviewer dead in the eye and lie convincingly about it. This is one of many gating factors in the interview process....
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    If your looking for full time inside employment ups is not the place
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    My mom and dad are married, you go to hell
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    You just need to be adept enough to have a pulse.