HR or Supervisors won’t say anything

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ToddMcTodderson, Jan 16, 2019.

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    A drunk emptying the bladder?
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    They lie and eat their own just saying.
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    Look you can sit here and complain whine bitch all you want, there is a line a mile long with the same stories about your same situation. Is it :censored2:ed up that UPS threw you to the curb and didn't care about your life or career? Yes, has it happened to other employees including old lazy or slow drivers as you called them? Yes. Move on or go to your local and dispute the fact that you were hired as a fulltime employee not a seasonal. Those lazy and slow drivers have been mistreated and stepped on way more then you have so dont come back until you have a little respect for your coworkers that have more time at this job then you do alive on this planet.
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    Make sure you all stretch before work. Wouldn’t want to pull anything.
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    I do all the pulling before I get to work .
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    Are you laid off permanently? Or just due to drop in volume. If you were hired on as a full time driver, in some areas you can bump onto inside work after a certain number of lay off days. It doesn't affect your status as a driver. In general management wants to know you are serious about the job, you just gotta keep at it until things break your way. UPS is one of the few places in my area where you can get a decent paying job with benefits and not have to deal with politics and backstabbing if you don't want to. You may already be soured on the place, but if you want what UPS has to offer, just keep at it.
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    You're amazing! How did I survive 30 years and a pension without you
  9. Your assertions are stretch enough.

    You may have garnered a bit more sympathy from the folks on here if you didnt demean real ups drivers to make yourself look better.

    The same full time drivers could go to management (and to the HR person who handles their hiring process) and put in a good word for you to be the next permanent off the street hire if you only worked at peak...I never had the emotional energy to read your whole dissertation...but if the prima donna attitude you've portrayed on here was displayed at peak no one would want you around except your peak loop partners who were happy to slow down and get their extra loop work moved to your truck.

    You'd make a great 22.4 driver. Lol.
    You'd get all the 12+ hr days you could stomach and maybe be too tired to get on here and ask long time Teamsters to change your diaper because you purposely wet yourself.
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    The theme one cares :D
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    I care.
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    Dude, you got played along with more than 95,000 seasonals. Yes, there are always exceptions but the bottom line is you need to get rehired, probably as a PT employee, and go through the process like most do. I do not trust ANYTHING UPS says until my status or job title or info is displayed on You are a number to them and the only way anything is official is if your number displays the right information when you are logged in to the internal website.
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    Did you try laying on the ground, kicking your legs while threatening to hold your breath until you pass out?

    I saw a kid like you do this at Walmart the other day...
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  17. Your brother Dave retired last year.
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  20. Isnt he your brother? Is this "on topic"?