HR or Supervisors won’t say anything

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    U do NOT wAnna know.....
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    What really wouldn’t be fair: If the current seniority system were not in place and “high performance” idiots who risked injuries and crashes daily were allowed to leapfrog the guys who know better.
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    lol what.
    Have you delivered in Orion order yet?
    Unionism is primarily a tool to manage one's own labor. Imagine Orion, or any average day of preload in a non-union enviroment. Our incompetent management would have DESTROYED this company years ago without strict discharge policy.
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    Don't get your point.

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    Work faster next xmas, maybe you will get on! LOL
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    Nothing to do with working faster. I worked at a normal rate. It’s not hard. Actually easy. Never once did I run or risk safety. You all act like it’s rocket science. Give me a break. It’s called having a brain. Sorry it’s bull:censored2: when you interview and HR says it’s fulltime. Talk about all the benefits and salary after 1,2,3,4 years, etc... any of you who think it’s ok to treat people like that don’t have a clue. Just stating a point. Bottom line I did your job with ease and had the best numbers in my center after 2-3 weeks.
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    We still have jobs, you don't. So I guess you didn'the do the job so well
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    Hasn’t nothing to do with performance or how well job is done. It’s all about seniority and I get it. For Christ sakes there were guys in my center that backed into overhangs, got in crashes and still have jobs. Don’t give me that :censored2: that your performance is so great.
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    You sound a little bitter.

    What can be done to help you get over this?
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    But your on here complaining because you dont have a job. It is full time just not for you because you were seasonal.
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    @rod said you got my back pay
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    He does---I gave it to him last week
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    tenor (3).gif
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    I’m going to be salty...

    Since your first impulse was to ask random internet strangers and not walk your ass into your union locals office, like an actual Teamster would, you should start applying at Walmart and 7-11.
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  16. Your creative and so called sincere analogies are amazing from the source.
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  17. A part timer without a GED.
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  20. Sincerely figures. Don't forget that part.