Hubs Flights and Volume

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  1. rampman

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    for the air hubs out there what kind of volume are you doing per night and how many flights?
  2. airbusfxr

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    NDA and Int volume way up. If you go to last quarter SEC filing you will see that these 2 parts of the company are making money like always. To make things better, these 2 products are the most valuable of the company's items. UPS, like Davis said "is out ot the recession" and managers are all back to big bucks in the pockets. Now when it comes to 2013, the company will ask you to pay for health care but we can strike to keep that benefit.
  3. airbusfxr

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    World Port has made UPS operations more streamlined and air volume, both NDA and Int, is moving at record pace. UPS will continue to make money and all of us are involved in this process.