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    A few weeks ago I had a delivery to one of the major social networking firms, and I actually got to speak to one of the big cheeses in this business for about 10 minutes. He actually asked me about FedEx and brought up the term "Human Capital", with which I am familiar. My reply was that FedEx uses the term, but no longer thinks of employees as a resource. Instead, we are "units of production", and labeled as a cost...not an asset. I also added that this hadn't always been the case at FedEx, and that they initially had it right, but lost their direction. Then, he wanted to know more. So I told him.

    We then spoke about his company, and how they encourage employees to be an integral part of the organization, sharing ideas, buying into a strategic vision etc, and how they actually do something about backing-up their commitment to Human Capital. And they do it because they know that there is a huge payoff, not only in terms of employee loyalty, but also in terms of increased productivity, better ideas, and increased profits. Pretty much exactly the opposite of FedEx.

    Anyway, I've been invited to speak to a large meeting of this organization and share with them the story of how wrong it can go if you don't keep your commitments to employees and value them as part of the team, rather than as box-toting package monkeys.

    I'll be speaking from behind a screen with my voice disguised, and will participate in a Q and A with employees of this firm. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to share with them and help prevent their company from making the same mistakes.


    You totally s*&t the bed on SPH that day! ROFLMFAO!! I am glad you have this opportunity to tell the behind the scenes truths about Uncle Fredly's kind of like the Fox "Behind The Magic" series.
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    Do everybody a favor and conduct yourself more professionally than You tube axe grinders.
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    Nice! I enjoy thinking of the truth being exposed in a Darth Vader voice!
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    I'd love to see this on an internet stream hahaha. Make it happen MFE.
  6. Perfect. This sounds like an amazing opportunity to keep it real. FedEx has turned out to be a true life story of how corporate pigs and profit have destroyed the American worker. There are no rules, the game is not fair. This is why I never back down when I'm attacked and I retaliate on my pig supervisors when they come after me or my peers. Good luck!
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    Please record the interaction, you may need it for Youtube one day!
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    Did you fill out an application for a job there as well?
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    I second this suggestion. I would be very interested to hear the questions posed by the audience and your replies to them. Shouldn't be a problem taping this given they are a social media company.
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    An hourly employee from one major company meets a big cheese of another major company. After a mere 10 minutes, the big cheese is so dazzled by him that he is invited to address a "large meeting" of the organization and educate them about how to treat employees. That's hilariously unbelievably ridiculous on its own, but why stop there when you can deliver this speech from behind a screen with something to disguise the voice?

    This is the nonsense that Snopes is full of. If anyone is gullible enough to believe this, wow.
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    No, I did not.
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    I recognized this guy as I was walking down the hall, and a conversation started. No dazzle, no BS. I'm sure that he knows I'm just an hourly grunt. However, at his company, the big cheeses actually lower themselves to speak to their underlings, because they're smart. This isn't some sort of major media event. He invited me to speak to a gathering of his local employees, which is large by my standards.

    Our conversation was casual, and he initiated the conversation about FedEx, not me. My guess is that when he was younger, FedEx was the benchmark for forward-thinking, cutting-edge organizations.

    You'd be surprised who couriers meet on their routes, especially at residences, and the conversations we have.
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    I agree, have met many many corporate jet setters and sports celebrities. Baseball stars old and new and a very very well know modivational speaker that my husband delivers to and plays golf with. Most of us are very polished when we take off the uniform. Nothing like that Wigger on YouTube.
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    That "wigger" is the new generation of FedEx....
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    True, don't forget rock stars and politicians either. You never know who will open the door, and how friendly (or unfriendly) the celebrity is. I've met some that were not so nice too.
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    He's a future CEO.
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    I deliver to two hall of fame athletes homes a couple of times a year each, one is a really nice guy, the other is an a--hole!
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    Oh Goldie,
    Sounds like you picked up some of the local slang while you were in Boston.
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    I think that term is a bit offensive. Why don't you use "whic" or "wheaner" or "whet back" instead?