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yesterday i tore something in my shoulder,and called center at 1200 pm to inform them an d said help me with big pick ups and i should be able to finish day with my right arm(left should hurt).When i got back to building ,filled out the requiered 200 forms ,phoned it in ,asked the the sup if all was right he said yes ,but will u be in tomorrow,i siad if i still have pain ,no.Called this morning at 6 am, was told to come in the forms wernt right,and i said i have to go to doctor .The earlest i could see her was 2 pm.Got home at 4 30 called ups ,my center manager was yelling at me, swearing ,saying i didnt fallow instructions.Now heres the point,i talked to 3 sups and not one asked me how is ur shoulder.Ive been there for 18 years filled a p1000 for 14 years and now a p 1200 for 2years.Alll i can say is ive never worked for such heartless pricks.

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I hurt my shoulder.

Was treated like absolute crap through out the entire process of it. I even had an hour long chat with the center manager and OR's about them treating me like this and how it was making me feel.

I never went to my doctor on it and just went to their's, who I do trust. Not a single restriction was honored. Went into peak. Follow up appointments were canceled by the company and rescheduled so they didn't co-inside with peak.

It got so bad that their doctor called my center manager directly to chat about the disregard for her restrictions.

They followed them one day. As it is now, my return to full duty appointment was canceled and never rescheduled and to this day I have never gotten a full return to duty. (since Nov)

As it center manager had me call in on-road and asked if I would say the shoulder was better due to paper work and them getting hit with a lost time injury. I told her to call and ask the doctor. Never made the call.

Worst absolute situation I have ever been in any job I have ever had. I went from being someone who went out of my way to try and make things happen to someone who lets the pieces fall as they might. Good or bad for UPS.

It's a freaken joke. They get all caught up in their safety numbers that when it does happen, it's absolutely your fault and your a piece of crap for letting it happen.


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upstate gets right to the point, doesn't he? :wink2:

Hope the shoulder is just a pull and gets better real soon. Until then, take good care of it. We only get two of the darned things.


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OMG here we go again:whiteflag: Try the search function I'm sure it will keep you busy reading for the next month.:laughing:


Hey basher,I used to think our new center manager was better than our old one ...BS...I'm starting to HATE him.I want to get rid of him.He likes to follow guys around,I may just spend a week of my vaca following HIM around.We have to work together and wait for him to make a mistake.The fact that he screams and swears at his employees is the only thing so far,and I'm not sure a call to the 1-800 number would get him moved.
I think the coldheartedness you are getting from the oncars is a direct result of him intimidating them as well.
So, if they won't say it,I will,how's your shoulder?What did the Dr. say?
A similar thing happened to me 2 years ago during peak,I twisted my ankle really bad,and the center manager accused me of faking it to get out of work.He stared me down as I was given the job of distributing the calendars.Your description of them did not go quite far enough though,you left out,heartless,cold blooded,two faced,self serving bastards...just add the words that I forgot.Hope you're back soon.


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.Ive been there for 18 years filled a p1000 for 14 years and now a p 1200 for 2years.Alll i can say is ive never worked for such heartless pricks.
Unfortunately, those 16 years mean nothing. There is no loyalty among management. You are only as good as your previous day's production, and the moment that you are no longer able to make your immediate supervisor look good on paper, you become a liability rather than an asset and you will be treated accordingly. You are now entering a new phase of your career with UPS...the one in which you are expendable. Good luck, I hope the shoulder feels better. Watch your back.
Go back and re-read New Englander's post, it says volumes about what happens when you allow it to happen. I suggest you get into contact with your states workers comp board, talk with them about YOUR legal rights and responsibilities. The company relies on us not knowing what they can and can not do with us in this situation. The next sentence will be in caps only to stress importance. YOU AND YOU ALONE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHAT DOCTOR YOU GO TO FOR PRIMARY CARE, NOT THE COMPANY, NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANY. YOU. Now having said that, there are doctors that do not accept worker comp cases, but that should be your only snag on doc choice. Also, the company and the insurance have to right to have you see another doc for second opinions, but for primary care, nope.

Don't try to be the nice guy, the one that wants to make things better for the boss, the favor will not be returned. Talk to others in your center that have been on comp, talk to your union steward and BA. Do not take anything the management tells you at face value, your health is too important to let them mess with.

I may be wrong, but I don't think they can "instruct" you to do anything when you are off the clock.


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went to my chiroprator yesterday she faxed the forms to ups,center manager called and said he needed me to call him and say that i went to a chiroprator istead of a real doctor,with another suit on the line.Well i went to my REAL doctor,with the same forms,never showed the chiro form,and he said pretty much the same thing,and no return till he sees my x rays,so im off the fax to send these forms.Had a phone convesation with center manager yesterday,he was yelling and swearing wife heard it,and i hope i can use it.Icant belive ive given 18 years of my life.


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So are you working right now or what? And I agree with previous post, get an orthopedic surgeon as your doctor. I have a bad shoulder that was never fixed right and it is a pain. I might call human resources and see what they say about all this too. How about a cold call to Atlanta HR as well, and see what kind of response you get. I don't know why UPS is being so stupid on this. Another example of taking a good employee with an OK attitude and creating one that doesn't give a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: now. Good luck and take care of that shoulder.