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    Hey everyone, last wednesday while i was doing my P/U i felt this pain on my upper back. I didnt think it was anything serious and assumed that it will go away the next day. Also, i never reported the pain to my sup until the next morning (thursday). I ask for the day off since the pain was really hurting and the sup said it was ok. On Friday i call my sup before work and told him that my upper back was still hurting and that i would like another day off.

    Now here's the situation, i'm still on my probational period (13 days to go) and was wondering if i have some kind of medical insurance that would cover my medical bills? If so, would they denied to me any medical insurance since i did not reported the pain when it happen on the job? Will i get the "boot" if they want to?

    Any information would be appreciated, i'm just looking for some answers :)

    Thank you in advance for all your help.
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    Maybe you should file an injury report. I doubt if comp will cover it without a report filed.
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    If injured on the job, you're covered by Workmans Comp. Were there witnesses to your telling the supe the next day that you had been injured on the job? You have no memory of any orientation re on-job injuries??? Are you going driving from inside or outside? Sure they can boot you, pre-seniority, pretty much at will. Including for not reporting an injury.
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    still on probation? file an injuries report and let see if you can make the cut or not.