husband thinking of working for UPS in Utah

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    My husband has worked for a railroad uptake company for 16 years. We are looking to settle down in Utah near family. He has his CDL and as of yesterday got endorcements for Haz mat - doubles/tripes and tanker. He will be putting in his application onine tonight. He will be applying for both these jobs
    FT Freight PU & Delivery Driver & Full-time Road Driver Can anyone tell me anything about either of these two jobs? Any suggestions for me? Wonder what his odds of being hired are.... THANKS... ~ Laura
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    I dont know about UPS freight, but his odds of UPS feeders is slim. They go through seniority.
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    Laura-I am retired from UPS but I think your hubby is a little too old for delivery,however,with the shipments being taken off the train alot and tranfered to ground he may a better chance in the slepper dept.I was on sleepers prior to my retirement,did not care to be home one day a week but made good money.Good Luck and God Bless,Dave
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    on the sleepers how often are you home? He is 33 - job change especially for the benifits and retirment.... he needs to still remain at near $45 thousand plus a year... ~ Thanks for responces.
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    Laura -The more you are on the road the more you make.their are sleepers runs that are out only 3 days and some 4,5,6,I was out 6 days made 120k that is why I retired I got burned out,The choose is yours,come on the chat some night and I will try to give the facts of UPS.Dave
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    Best thing to do is get OTR with UPS freight........As Yeldarb states, the chances of getting on with UPS is very slim and there is no sleeper team in UT for UPS!
    Ups Freight In town drivers top out about 21 an hr and OTR make much better, but away alot!
  7. hes a maneger im 15 so im not that smart about this but he loves it and he had to work his way up its really hard work im considering working for UPS also so im takeing classes to help me be succesfull
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    he can be a driver for 1 year then go to feeder.
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    all depends on your part of the world many areas of Utah are pretty rural which may mean he might have to wait years to get into feeders.

    It dosn't hurt to apply for the jobs listed and see if what we have is compatible with his interests/ needs.
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    careful, in major metro areas where the economy is hot, this could be for just 6 months. but in some rural areas or places with slow (if not declining) growth, it will be a wait. a long wait.
  11. It all depends on what your area needs. They recently added 35 feeder positions here. Many were outside hires.
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    yeah relief feeders:sad: