I am Filtered on upsers


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You should’ve kept reading, this person went on to talk about a dark, dank hole they called “the closet.” They said Anyone was allowed to visit if they wanted to use the “shepherds hook” To “pull packages.”

sounds like this person had an underground sex ring linked to pizza gate.
well if you are going to be so descriptive...

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I had to change my cell phn # bc I was getting separate so called chain messages from numerous #s,one belonged to a person I reported for provoking workplace violence. My upsers account is fliterd. I am being severely harassed to the point i feel need to talk to someone, I was able to access the HR tab and the Health and Wellness tab. It now gives me a message to enter a code sent to the old number that i had. When it never did it before.. i was also filtered and redirected to upsers.com when I tried to file with the online helpline service , when I report online I am able to send picture proof along with my claim. Until I spoke with Hr I was able to access again, only the online helpline not the tabs on upsers.com . I'm being locked out from the free consultation service that is provided for employees nor am i able to contact HR on upsers.com.
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@M!dnit!3 please see my response in that