I broke one of my own rules yesterday...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by soberups, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. soberups

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    I have always been pretty firm with myself about not using my cell phone to call customers, or giving out my number so they can call me and find me. Its a bad business practice in general, and it isnt my responsibility to use my personal phone for UPS business.

    Well yesterday I broke that rule into a million pieces. The snow was a foot deep and I didnt want to risk going up driveways. There were entire areas of my route that were impassable for the 5th day in a row. So I wound up calling every customer that had a phone # on their package, letting them know the situation and what their options were. Many of them who had 4x4's came and met me. Those who did were quite willing to accept and deliver packages for their neighbors. Others told me to leave it in a bag by their gate or mailbox. All were grateful for the extra effort I made.

    I wouldnt normally do this, but its Christmas and we have NEVER had this much snow. Its almost a natural disaster-type situation. I just want to make the packages go away.

    We are gonna get killed on Monday, and its still snowing. Management is talking about having me tow a pup trailer full of undeliverable packages out to my route, parking it next to the UPS store, and having a helper spend all day sitting in it with a cell phone, a phone book, and a DIAD. Its not a bad idea, at least is shows the customers that we are trying.
  2. satellitedriver

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    It is a disaster and you are doing your best to cope with it.
    All (or most) of your customers will truly appreciate any extra effort on your part.
  3. old brown shoe

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    The only reason I got a cell phone was for my job. I deliver a rural route that at times there is no way you could get to some of the houses. Some customers park four wheel drives on the county road and snow shoe or ride a snowmobile to their homes. I will bag their stuff and stash it buy the road or leave it on the snowmoble and call them when I get back into cellphone range. I don't use it much to call the center. I do get a UPS employee discount for my plan so that is the only reason I use it for UPS related stuff. I dont like phones and hardly use it for anything else. I can always call my worse stops before leaving town and sometimes get out of even trying to get down some of the worse roads. When the roads are good the rest of the year I deliver their stuff and take care of them and when it gets bad most will work with me. If they insist that I come to some place that I cant get to I tell them to put a mailbox on their porch and see how soon the mailman shows up.
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    Driver, I have to say you are a fine employeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! "GOOD JOB"
  5. barnyard

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    I've done the same thing. Everyone appreciates it. Good on ya.

  6. chev

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    Hope he has a way to keep warm or you're gonna have a popsicle for a helper. :dissapointed:

    Good luck on Monday.
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    you cant tow a pup with a package car, there is no 5th wheel
  8. I'm sure he is referring to the wagons that get pulled by package cars daily.
  9. dilligaf

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    And pkg car drivers think of the trailers we tow. LOL We knew what he was saying.
  10. brownrodster

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    Yes, your helper will not appreciate that. He will be frozen and will likely quit before they day ends.

    Several inches of new snow tonite.
  11. Mindless Cog

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    pkg car trailer is called a tp-60
  12. lostupser9234

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    That's a really good idea! I wish they would do something like that for our really rural areas.
  13. wannabeups

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    sounds to me me like you went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the customers got their packages. If you were in the armed services I am sure you would be nominated and receive a medal for your actions.
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    Hoaxster Where did you come up with that picture. Is that what ups used to deliver there booze with!!!
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    That was a feeder back when Rod and Bigbaboo started here!!:happy2::happy2:
  17. User Name

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    If I were the helper I would call all the customers from inside the ups store and only go out when I needed to make a delivery. Sounds like a very easy day to me.
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    Props to you and all the other UPS'ers dealing with the snow. I can't imagine the stress level.
  19. cachsux

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    Hey Sober,it just shows you actually give a damn. The customers appreciate it and will make it up to you in sodas during the summer.
  20. NaiveRapture

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    That is awfully nice of you to put forth all that extra effort!

    I am usually pretty willing to give out my phone number to customers who have a COD that is MO/CC only. So far I've never had a customer call me and bug me about something other than the day of delivery. Well, I have had a business that I liked all of the employees who worked there call me a couple times when it got later in the afternoon wanting to know when they were going to get their delivery for the day, but I was often not even on that route on that day, but it's no big deal. I use a Jawbone II headset so I can talk while driving or what not. I try to keep that sort of talking to a minimum, no chit chat.