I consider this a new low....

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    I have posted several times about a driver in our building that was told that he had seniority during peak and that UPS management announced this to 52 drivers. This driver was hired a as a permanent driver and did not sign a seasonal waiver.
    Since then, he has not been given payraises and his benefits were not paid.
    This driver was mad enough to next day air a letter to Mike Eskew in Atlanta. He has a tracking number and a all relevant delivery information and almost amonth has passed. He STILL has not heard back from Atlanta about this matter.
    I have never seen a letter to Mike Eskew ignored. I consider this a new low even for UPS!
  2. dannyboy

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    Atlanta is slow to respond to anything. Esp. when it comes to employee issues, as they are very cognizant of not setting any precedent with an individual employee that will affect others.

    So basically, until every body checks with everybody else, and then it gets sent to the legal department, then to the labor department, then back to whom ever it was passed off to at Eskews office, dont expect to hear anything quickly.

    The days of quick response to problems are over at UPS. Too many chief's that all have egos to massage, each wanting to prove they are relevant to UPS and have to prove that their jobs are so valuable to UPS that they will never be cut. In fact, they are so valuable, they need assistants and secretaries to be able to do their job. And while each one of them has the power to do something, what that something is has yet to be determined.:wink:

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    Lord is that ever a true statement!
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    Have him call the UPS integrity hotline at 1-800-220-4126. They are supposedly independent and I have used them twice - once for an employee who was pregnant being forced onto disability and once for UPS falsifying my timecard when I got hurt and bragging about it.

    Both times Region HR was all over it within two days. and it was resolved in the employees favor.

    He will need to give names of witnesses so help him out and let him use yours.

    Better yet, ask him if he really wants to work for a company that treats him like this from the start - it won't get any better.
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    So what is the rest of the story--did he fille a greivence-----did he give the local UPS/Teamsters an opportunity to fix the problem??? If everyone is going to send a NDA letter to Mike Eskew , instead of trying to work through the processes we have in place----I can tell you right now-----Mike will not respond---he will pass it off and it will go the district to fix----so wht someone has doner by trying to bypass the systenm is create his own delays!!

    Why have a Union if it is not used to resolve local issues?? I do agree that maybe taking the dispute to the Hot Line in HR------after the local Center has had ample time to resolve the issue could be a good option!!
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    Apparently you haven't been around long enough to know that local management will cover for each other....right,wrong or indifferent.
    At the local level, no one management person wants to be seen standing up for an hourly and violating the status quo, the esprit de corps of the management brethren.
    I agree with a previous poster who suggested going through local channnels first but, excuse the analogy, the cat can cover up his mess in the cat box but the stench is still there.
    After a reasonable length of time it might be benefical to involve outside third parties by putting them on notice.
    Be prepared for some subtle retaliation.
  7. I agree with UPS Dawg. Why isn't your steward on this one? Its unfortunate that you don't trust your management team to be honest. Its not like that everywhere, although sometimes it seems like it. My guys come to me when they have issues. Point blank, if he was supposed to have seniority, then your steward or agent should be able to resolve this one easily. If he did not gain, then he needs to put his time in. Its scary that we have new drivers starting with ill feelings toward management. Hopefully he has better experiences in the future.
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    <<Its scary that we have new drivers starting with ill feelings toward management.>>

    Now what could possibly make them feel that way?
  9. upsdawg

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    Yo Trickster----- you retold me that there is a local management problem----but didn't address that fact that the Shop Stewart or Local Union was involved-----if not , there is a much bigger problem that local management----so what's up with your stew?? Also, HR should be aon impartila 3rd party--or Security--if there are Integrity issues our Security have walked a lot of Management people out the door!!
  10. wornoutupser

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    The union is involved and the matter has gone to the panel level. If UPS would simply admit that they made a mistake (which is documented) then the matter would be over.
    Because of the "sensitivity" of the issue per UPS, thay are not willing to give the employee waht he was promised to recieve. That would be a full time job as an outside hire that was not seasonal. ( No seasonal waiver was signed as the contract clearly states).
    The employee did not recieve his pay increases nor did he receive his holiday pay. He also did not have benifits paid with an infant at home. He was recognized in front of 52 drivers at a PCM as having seniority on Dec. 15.
    Most of the players in the game now seem to be hiding behind the " I was transferred and no longer have that job and it is not my problem" routine.
    UPS made a offer to the employee that was turned down. It did not include all benefits due to him as if he had seniority on the date that it was announced. There is a large difference in money involved.
    Updates will be given as the situation unfolds!
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    iam new to brown cafe was with ups for 30years.retired in 2003.miss my customers and uionsisters and brothers.the company no.since i was more or less shown the door.