I.E. runs this company,

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    sad to say but it is what it is. Someone looking at a map understands the area and therefore dispatches the daily load. Stupid is as Stupid does!!
  2. Bagels

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    Bean counters have been running Corporate America & Wall Street my entire life. As UPS didn't go public until the late 1990s, it was largely immune from what most other companies were experiencing.

    But I have a problem with UPS's terminology. Industrial Engineering is a sophisticated science typically offered at the graduate level. Yet we have 20-year-olds working at UPS, who possess merely a HS diploma, calling themselves Industrial Engineers because UPS overlabels the department they work in.
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    Your point?
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    Finance and accounting people run UPS.

    IE people are just reading numbers from a generated computer program.
    I understand that they are the messenger but little more than that.

    As Sophocles in Antigone and Shakespeare in Henry IV wrote:

    "Don't kill the messenger."
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    Most of the decisions I make to get around IE's thought process would make IE cry.
  6. Dracula

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    Wall Street runs UPS.
  7. No....................Nut balls run this insane asylum.
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    No no no. What if I tell you.........that it is the illuminati.

  9. Internet Explorer? Customers should be able to use other browsers.

    Loyal Teamster
  10. Bagels

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    Cost ("managerial") accountants & industrial engineers are often synonymous nowadays.
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    Trustnoone....congrats on finally figuring out what most of have known for years.