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    I.E.----stands for the Impossible Expectations that result when Insufficent Expenditures are allocated for Inadequate Equipment that is Incompentently Engineered by Idiotic Extremists who offer nothing but Incoherent Explanations for the total failure of their Imbecilic Endeavours.
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    Can I add Idiots Extrodinare
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    Newer manager in the district came from IE not too long ago. Now lets see him produce under his old expectations.
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    This ought to be good. There's nothing more amusing than watching someone from I.E. have to start functioning in the real world for a change.
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    Had him as center manager 7 years ago.Didn't have any problems with him.
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    Not a bad guy at all and I dont think anyone has any problems with him. He did do alot of time in IE.(what I am told)
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    The marine looking guy?
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    One of our OCS, was in IE for two different stints. He hated leaving IE to come back to OC, but basically got screwed over. He's a good guy, believes in the drivers, doesn't buy into all that IE says, but still doesn't fight them. He's alot like me in that he is just trying to ride this horse to the finish line and take the nag home.
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    I always said that IE stands for Intercourse & Exercise. After they get done screwing you, they give you the runaround.