I have not recieved vacation checks yet. corrupt moves from management yet again?

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    I started my vacation sep. 18th and was curious midway through the week so I asked our new sup previously our clerk when he recieved his. He took his prior to the promotion. He tells me there not trying to pay him for his time off making excuses such as he was promoted to quickly and he didn't put in enough hours. thats bull. So I'm wondering if there going to give me the same crap? This is almost the 5th or 6th discrepancy I've had with ups in 2 months. Our hub is super fishy and I don't know who to turn to for things like this. Our union guys seem like jerks too they never ever help us. I've attained video proof of all HUB sups helping..written documentation of times and all they do is say " Well I'll let the main union guy no when he comes down and talk to the managers ". Welcome to UPS right? Honestly our hub is not big at all this is BULL!!! should I just not return until I recieve my checks? lol. ****** em HAHAHA!!!
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    If you choose not to return until you receive your vacation checks you will be fired for job abandonment.

    Article 17 of the NMA addresses your issue and you should reference this when you file your grievance. However, the very first sentence of the third paragraph may be key here: Wages for properly selected vacations... Did you select this vacation week during the regular selection period or was this a last minute decision? If it was the former then you have a valid grievance; if not, you may just have to wait for payroll to cut you a check. Payroll only goes by the information it receives and if they did not know about your vacation until after you were already on it how could they have possibly issued you a check in a timely manner?

    As for the rest of your drivel you need to file on supervisors working, which is Article 3, Section 7 of the NMA.

    (and you Joe Unions thought I didn't own a contract book, let alone ever read it)
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    I know I was joking man. No actually it was selected on time and 2 weeks prior to this week, I changed it from the first week of this month to this previous week. No matter what i was told they should have still been here. I actually put down my vacation weeks 2 months ago. Soooo....I would think thats more than enought time to get there act together. I'm sure my union rep won't give a ****** he's too busy to take care of a grievance. Whome else can I turn to? No one cares at our hub.
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    First off, if you would like my help you need to keep the school yard language to yourself. You need to file a grievance under Article 17, Paid for Time, paragraph 3. If your steward doesn't have any grievance forms go to your union local, grab a handful and bring them back to the building so that others can use them if needed. Fill out the form and submit it to your mgt team.
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    You put you vacation down two months ago?? Aren't you required to bid it at the beginning of the year? How do you change your vacation bid? Vacations are paid based upon the schedule inputted into the payroll system at the beginning of the year.
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    That's how it is in my building are vacation year runs May 1st to April 30. We all pick are vacations in April.
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    You say your hub is small. Does that mean your in a satellite center?
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    Thats my fault on the language I'm just really mad at these guys because it seems our center is full of these sneaky under the table guys and it's to the point where the workers don't even care anymore because when we present solid proof to union they don't do anything or tell us they would rather not. no it was a desicion made on time, if not thats my sups fault for not presenting that to me. Even yesterday our sup and i got into it yet again because he sticks me and another guy in a trailer and he's splitting all the boxes to help our spa guy. so basically thats another guy working I don't care who says it's not IT IS! just so he can make his time and the worst part is no one speaks up???? I come out and he yells at me to stop throwing bags out and i shake my head like this is rediculous, another guy yells out just do what your told and I said your not supposed to be touching a thing let alone helping us. This is one little incident out of many. I mean it actually feels like a reality show some times. i've video taped these guys in action and nothing seems to work I'm starting to believe there protected by higher authority. So you tell me..I'm to work as directed but when i speak out my sup tells me he does not need me to tell him what to do he's in charge and I feel he's over using his "power". Some days i want to just walk out and move on but no one wins there.
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    Welcome to UPS? If you state that it seems like your new and wouldn't have enough time in to get a vacation even if they let you post it or not.
    I'm in the south so they don't even let us post till the month of October for vacations the following year.
    As far as the supervisors working..... you have to have witnesses you cant be your own and you cant neglect your job watching him. You can have a good faith estimate, but the video wont help you at all cause your not supposed to take pictures or video inside the building (be a LP issue eventually if you continue to do it).
    I cant say anything about the bags you could load them on top of your wall, unless its a bad bag you would throw it out.