I have some questions I was hoping some of you could answer

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    I have an orientation tomorrow for driver helper and I wanted to ask some questions. What will I be doing during the orientation? Should I take notes? I'm going to be there for 5 hours, should I bring lunch? What should I wear? Will I be getting a uniform that day? Do uniforms run small or big? Any advice? I'm pretty nervous as this is/might be my first job, thanks.
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    Don't be nervous(it's really not that big of a deal). Show up on time. Bring a cooler of water and lunch. Wear sneakers. Don't be surprised if you are asked if you can start today helping. Our helpers get uniforms when they get assigned to a driver(unless you start after orientation). Listen to your driver and you will be alright. Good luck!
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    read more, post less.

    Learn how to search forums or at least click on page 2, maybe even page 3.
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    I just went through this a few days back, but across the country. Everyone was nervous, but it's no big deal. You'll be with probably 10 -20 other people that range from ages 18-50 both male & female, so you should find someone you click with. I was the only one that brought a notebook and pen, but you don't really have to as long as you pay attention. Plus it goes fast, so taking notes was pretty hard for me to do. They will provide you with pens and a info packet, BUT that packet will be collected at the end, so don't put your notes on that!

    Our orientation was supposed to last 4 hours long, but ran about 5, but because we were all enjoying our security training (the lady rocked it). Bring water or drink, but if you forget, they'll show you were the vending machines are. Just eat before you go and grab lunch right after if you can wait that long. We got two quick breaks between our safety and security meetings, but that was plenty because we all wanted to get out of there.

    You will spend the longest part of the orientation with safety training... pay attention, because you will be tested on this. You'll have to pick up the box the proper way in front of everyone. You will also be issued a uniform, but I can't say if they run big or small. I'm a short woman and these are mens uniforms, so they run big for me, real big.

    As a question comes to mind, write it down and ask it at the appropriate time (do not blurt it out). Hopefully things go good and your HR rep isn't frazzled like mine was and doesn't mind answer additional questions.

    edited to add: I'm sure you were told, don't take your cell phone
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    Thanks, this helps a lot!
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    I say relax, this is the easiest money you will make.. just listen to what your DRIVER tells you to do and don't be late at pickup point