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    And this seemed like a good place to do it.

    My apartment lease is coming up for renewal on May 1st. I got a letter from my landlord today stating they will be happy to renew my lease for a 30% increase.

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    No wonder. With the Sunken Ship in West Ed so close, I'd increase your rent too!
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    The ship is not sunken it just sits there doing nothing. Well, thats the way it was the last time I was in the mall. I do stay away from that place like its the plague though.
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    Try to explain to your friendly landlord that if you move out then he is going to have to probably spend a couple hundred dollars to paint the wall, shampoo carpets if the apartment has them, and thats a minimum turnover "touch-up". Also, he probably would not get any income from the unit while this is going on and there is no guarentee that someone will rent it after you leave. So, yeah it sucks he can turn you upside down with the possibility of such a request but if you really want to stay ask him to consider those things. Unless you have been a "problem" in his eyes then he will probably reconsider the 30%. Don't just go paying it without making him think. Good luck my canadian friend.
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    Thanks Low,

    The problem here in this city and the province is this is boom time. Has been for a couple of years now and there is no end in sight. There are thousands of people moving here each month to get in on it. Even with all those people coming here there are still more jobs than there are employees. However the opposite is true for housing. House prices have gone up by more than 45% in the last year. And rent is following along.

    The building I live in has 40 apartments and there are 6 other buildings in the complex all around the same size. The owner of this complex is a major corporation that own numerous other properties in this city and around the province.

    Since the vacancy rate is so low the landlords hold all the cards. Just like the employees do over the employers. (You treat me like crap I will go somewhere else for more money and better conditions. To give you an example, during 2006, UPS in this city hired 200 employees. Only 10 are still in the employ of UPS. Of those 190, I only know of 1 that was fired.)

    As far as my situation, I did do some research this morning. I will have to make a call Monday to confirm it before I approach my landlord, but, the way I read the landlord tenants act is says the landlord must provide me with 90 days written notice that must be delivered to me personally or by register mail. I might be splitting hairs on this but taping it to my front door is not delivering it to me personally and the first day of May is only 32 days from the date of the notice. Not 90 days. So that will give me two more months to get things sorted out.
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    Even in the US the rental lease laws vary from state to state. It seems as if they did not proceed correctly with the notice. I would try to bargain with them and then prepare to move out if things don't go well. It would seem to me that you will be able to stay after May 1st without a rent increase. Once they are aware you are wise to their tactics they will re-serve you correctly. Then the clock will start ticking from 90. I don't know if you would agree on this, when you figure out what you have to do you might want to have a sit down with your center mgr and explain to him or her that you are going through a difficult time and that he or she should be aware of it. Of course, after things are finalized you should let him or her know that you apprieciated their understanding. I really don't like telling people my business but sometimes you have to or being crazy, like you say you are will become a full time occupation. Good luck and I hope things work out for you.