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    I recently passed my road test and i'm currently on day 4 of my training. But I need some answers? What is the typical hours for a delivery driver. I am a junior in college and I am almost finished. I take my classes at night (Late as possible 8:35pm). Is it possible for me to finish my day and attend class, or is it a long shot! I need to know so I can make a decision, because my education is important. I NEED THE JOB!!! But I will make the sacrifice if its not possible to do both. Also if it isn't possible and I do decide to back out and finish school. Will I be blacklisted. Because I would definitely peruse this position again once i'm done.
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    It completely depends on your center and the routes you'll be learning. Plan to work late. When you start as a driver you're a cover driver until you have enough seniority to get your own route which means you'll be filling in for other drivers on vacation or out on worker's comp so your route will vary. There are some routes which don't get done until 8:30ish then you have a drive back to the center, unload your air, etc etc.

    The route I've been covering for the last few months since I started driving has it's last pickups at 6PM so if I bust it out I can be back to the center by 6:30 and home by 7.

    As a new cover driver they will typically keep you on the same route until you make seniority to be fair to you but not always. Once you make seniority you could be covering any route and not knowing a route well will result in you taking a lot longer and getting done later than a seasoned guy who knows it like the back of his hand.

    Also, when you're a cover driver many centers will send you to help others once you know some routes which also can result in you working later.
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    i cant imagine anyone being a FT driver and being able to take classes during the week
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    Because your covering a different route all the time; there's no predictability to it and It's hard to develop a pattern by knowing what customers will work with you to get done earlier and what customers won't. For the most part we all get the short end the stick but the cover guys really do. It doesn't sound totally unreasonable that you should be done before 835 but I wouldn't count on that on a consistent basis.
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    I agree and suggest the OP look in to taking his classes online.
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    Those would have been fantastic questions to ask the HR person BEFORE you went to driving school.

    One of the things that will serve you well at UPS and life in general is learning to think ahead.
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    Is attendance required at the class? If not, go when you can and when you can't, get the notes from someone in class. If a test or two needs to be taken, hopefully by then, you will have made your thirty days and can put in for an eight hour day (or call in sick) and be present for the test(s).
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    Become a bonus baby so you can skip your late pickups because you are too early and then those of us that have to make our late pickups can make yours too. Arrgh!!
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    The reality of this is when management finds out this driver needs to get done early they will dump extra stops on him.
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    You'll be making more money as a driver than most people who actually go to and finish college...although it will be at the expense of your physical and mental well being. It's a toss up. If I could do it all over again, I'd still go driving rather than stay in school!
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    I couldn't agree more,, I went to my H.S 30th reunion last fall, and all the guys who laughed at me for working at UPS 25 yrs ago were amazed I was still here. Most of them went to college and have had 6 or 7 jobs and some out of work at 48 !!!
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    if you want to continue to pursue your degree, i would suggest weekend and or online classes.
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    I know the feeling, and made up my mind I'm two semesters away from getting my degree, however I chose to drop my classes to chase the remaining # of days I have to drive in order to get my TCD seniority. After that, back to school.
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    Be cool and stay in school.
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    Mon through Fri, you belong to UPS. UPS is your life. Don't plan on doing anything else outside of UPS during the week.

    It's the worst aspect of the job.