I still don't see it.

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    This peak is significantly lighter than the last in my building. I know there is still plenty of time before Christmas for volume to come in, but I have yet to see it.

    I remember one specific route that was created last year around December. That route was in for the entire season. The same route was created this year, and it has been cut two days in a row now. They are cutting routes here and cramming as much as possible onto existing routes. We were coming into preload at 2:30 for a couple of weeks now. This week they pushed it forward to 2:45. It's closer to Christmas and we're starting later? I don't get it...

    The driver I'm helping this season was running a route with 353 stops today, not because of heavy volume, but because of all the cut routes. Another driver picked up 43, and we finished by 7pm.

    Volume has increased, but this is definitely not peak.
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    It's peak in my building..

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    The full week this year after Thanksgiving has something to do with the volume. Its just seem to me that there is more days before Christmas this year. I think a lot of people shopped early and I happen to be one of them, it is the first time that I had all my shopping done two weeks before Christmas. Feeders work on the Friday after Thanksgiving so the work was push forward and we where heavy the week after, now it as level off. I believe heaviest days are behind us.

    I hope to be getting Christmas eve off this year, I offer to work Saturday instead.
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    Its all because of perfect peak planning this year.
  5. toonertoo

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    Yes thats it. After 105 yrs they got it right.
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    This Peak has been lighter than usual here also. I have got about fifteen minute of OT the last two days. Our extra peak season split route have been busted out several times. One of my supervisors told me last night that this week was supposed to be fairly light. I'm sure we will get slammed hard next week, most people wait until the last minute to order things.
  8. cosmo1

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    Actually, I'm scared. It's been pretty consistently light (relatively) around here. Thursday and Friday last week, I went out without a helper, and finished under eight both days.

    The excrement is sure the hit the air-handling device soon!

    (BTW, after 35 peaks, the one thing I've learned is to never try to predict a peak!)
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  9. Brownslave688

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    there were as many days as possible between thanksgiving and Christmas this year as there can be. Next year will be just the opposite.
  10. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I barely worked 8 today. They have been sending 4-5 drivers home everyday. As of now we have certainly lightened up since week one. After being gone for 3 months to school my wife will be home for a three week break starting Friday. I'm sure ill work 14 that day lol.
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    Wish I could say the same!! Busy as hell up here!!.....They didn't plan very well
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    We're getting pounded here. My helper and I did 190 stops today and dumped 100 more on the help they sent me. And I punched out at 9pm and half the guys were still out
  13. DS

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    Busy as hell here too...amazon is through the roof...
    Gotta admit I am a culprit,3 amazon orders this week.
    Just point and click.
  14. Brownslave688

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    What kind of route do u run that it makes sense to have a helper but your only getting 190 done in an 11-12 hour day.
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    Out of the 50 resies I had today...id say half were amazon........lol
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    Yes, he seemed pretty sure of his post.
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    At the PCM this morning it was announced that, not only will the volume jump next week, but our start time will be fifteen minutes later because the pre-load can't handle what's GONNA-BE-COMING.

    (Where I'm at, it seems super-busy, but then again, five or six guys go home everyday...)
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    A little more insanity to mention, not directly related to the topic. Yesterday, the building manager decided to cut several routes at 8:40am, after many drivers had already left. The drivers running the cut routes, who were already guaranteed eight hours that day, were given the option to take the day off or help other drivers. One of the routes that was cut directly affected the route I was helping on. A driver brought us a load of stops later in the afternoon. It turned out that 30 of those stops weren't in EDD. Another 60+ were physically PAL'd in the 1800's, but showed up around the 6000's in EDD. I think we ended up with somewhere around 300 stops. We finished by 8pm, and my driver told me that she was still 1.5 hours UNDER that night. Not sure how that's possible. I guess that route was planned for an excessively large amount of hours due to the bs.
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    UPS expects busiest day of the year to be Dec. 20.