I take my orders from fools!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by plisken, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. plisken

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    Can anyone tell me why it is that the chronically slow workers (in a hub) get to keep working, chronically slow?
    And why the sups keep trying to get on me to work faster when I'm already working faster and I'm surrounded by the chronically slow workers that they never seem to notice?
    And another thing!
    What ever happened to accountability?
    Not only am I surrounded by chronically slow workers, I, and many of my co-workers, keep finding ourselves pulling the weight of the same chronically absent people.
    I have yet to see a write-up, or even a "talk-with" to correct the problem.
    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that I can take a day off without getting fired. However, these imbeciles who are working the hell out of the system are killing me.
    It's time for some examples to be set, with some write-ups, suspensions, whatever it takes! I just know I'm not taking on the loser's flow anymore.
    I'll still work hard, but when I see the "chronically-slow" person next to me back-up on purpose, I split to help someone out who needs it.
    Move to where the flow is!
    Do something!
  2. deliver_man

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    Sounds like you have a plan! Send in your letter, and soon as you get promoted into supervision (a foregone conclusion for a hardworker like you) you can start whipping those "imbeciles" into shape!
  3. brownmonster

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    They are in the driver ranks as well.
  4. parttimejon

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    sounds like he already is a supervisor(or thinks he is)
  5. mojobuc

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    sounds like our building. Though I am a p/t supervisor, I am being asked and pretty much begged by the union steward to do something about the 'chronically slow' and 'imbeciles'.
    Actually, have learned quite a bit about the contract and what articles are being abused by a very few amount of the same people from the guy.

    Thing is, us p/t sups need some support from our f/t'ers, and I think finally, with the unions help, I may finally get some, and get people in here that want to work so everyone can get done with work on time and no one has to carry the load for anyone all the time.
  6. spidey

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    I'm sure I'll take some heat for this, but I'm intitled to my opinion. A union shop encourages mediocrity. Employees aren't rewarded for superior work: all promotions and raises are based on seniority. We have one part-timer who is making almost $24 an hour, and is the slowest, most unmotivated person I have ever seen. Accomplishes about a hour of work in a 5 hour night, wanders off to talk with friends all night, on the cell phone everytime you turn around, etc. They went through the motions of verbals and letters, the employee does the bare minimum until it blows over. New people on the sort take their cues from these types of things and we watch them lose their steam and their work ethic after just a few months of seeing how the "successful" employees do things.

    I have some kids I'd give my eye teeth to have more of, but just as many who don't have to do anything but show up.
  7. mojobuc

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    spidey, you may be right, but I am almost certain, people in general, union or not, eventually have seen enough and just want someone to do something because these people screw up the whole buildings operation, and cause everyone to take heat in some way or form.
    in my opinion, with our building, i think everyone pretty much is at a point that the OT and money made isn't worth the time away from their families and other life activities.
  8. trickpony1

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    some of the "chronically slow" are in management as well.
  9. mojobuc

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    you ain't kiddin, trick.
    my guess is, and its only a guess of a 3 year upser, but mine is that we (p.t. sups) are used to do the dirty work, since most have too much to lose as f/t'ers as far as write ups, etc. go

    Again, just my 1 year exp. as management opinion.
  10. plisken

    plisken Guest

    No I'm not putting in for p/t sup.
    I have no intentions of saving the world. I am on the verge of joining the "chronically slow"
    for example we have one guy who sorts 600 pph and they say nothing to him, but I go 1180 and they're on me.
    I don't take it though, when this happens I just point to the left and point to the right.
    to the chronically slow.
    I suppose I need to slow down because at ups the more you do, the more you do!
  11. spidey

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    They'll work their best horses the hardest, management or hourly. Only difference is that it's easier to get rid of lazy management. Once seniority is reached, an hourly is there until they choose to leave. There are exceptions, but just enough to make it the rule.
  12. brett636

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    I have to agree with plisken. I used to work my ass off every night, but I quickly realized that my hard work was being rewarded with more hard work. All the while my coworkers were getting away with not having to do the tough stuff because I was doing it. I no longer bust my ass like I used to unless its absolutly necessary.
  13. ok2bclever

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    One hour's work in five hours is either a gross exaggeration or a sign of completely incompetent management.

    The work only as hard as you have to is human nature and has nothing to do with unions.

    Those of you in management are pretty sheltered regarding experience in the real world, but those of you that are drivers see the lazy thing all over your routes and most of them are non-union.
  14. spidey

    spidey Guest

    I responed to you privately so the employee mentioned wouldn't be recognized by someone reading the board. Please let me know what you think.
  15. plisken

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    I don't envy the p.t. sups. They are caught between surly hourly employees who won't work and f/t managers who hold their ups careers in their hands.
    Everyone knows that the "S" rolls down-hill, and the way I see it the p/t sups are at the bottom of that hill.
    I don't mind helping out, that's my job. But it is damn hard to stay positive when you're surrounded by slackers and the sups keep depending on those of us who are not slacking to be the saviors of the operation.
    Like Spidey said, "They'll work their best horses the hardest."
  16. ok2bclever

    ok2bclever Guest

    Hey Spidey,

    Just noticed you are an OMS.

    Well, I'd say there is no essential difference in your position and a line part-time supe from a disposable issue as far as going out there alone.

    It amazes me how long it takes so many people to realize UPS will use them to their fullest capabilities and how many of them get bitter about it, like what else would a company naturally do, duh!
  17. toonertoo

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    It is the people who use the system and do as little as possible who make it hard on all of us with a work ethic. And it is prevalent in every category of worker, from us hourly to those in managemnt, to the guy who cleans the roads for the state, or the toilets in a city building. It isnt because of a union. Its because of a lack of work ethic. And those of us who have it still do our best because we cant stand to do any less. It is boring. The new standards have killed some of our motivation, including mine, but I still do what I have always done. Just coz someone else is slacking, I cannot do it. No matter what the reports say in the am, I still do everything by the book, and stay friendly to the people I serve. I agree the discipline is lacking in some areas, but look around its not just at work it is worldwide. Some people have no pride in what they do.
  18. air_upser

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    great post tooner, and I can't agree more. Everyone needs to realize that there are bad apples in both the management and union ranks. What I always wonder is why these bad apples are blindly defended by upper management and union representation. From my perspective, it is more prevelent on the union side, but that's only my opinion and I'm sure there are many others on this board. I work with both upper management and hourly employees everyday. We are a team. As a supervisor I see my job as an advocate, both for the company and the employee. I can already hear someone saying "B.S." and that's fine, but I know there are supervisors out there that truly care about the company and the job at hand, and the employee they count on. In retrospect, its easier to not give a damn about the employee, but as tooner eludes to, I too take pride in my job and can not turn my head on, who I consider, teamates. We work for UPS. I've seen posts where people say the drive a brown truck, wear a brown uniform, and work for someone else. What is that???? Is that mentality something that starts as soon as you start working for UPS, or over time? Are they the bad apples that hate UPS but don't leave or the good apples that were abused such as plisken? What is the solution? A tougher contract? No union? How would everyone act if it were their company? I don't have the answers. I will say however, that I honestly appreciate the men and women in brown that go out there and bust there butts all day. If I had any say, I would give you a few extra minutes with each customer to get some sales leads. I could go on and on, but that's another discussion thread :-)
  19. toonertoo

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    Having been on both sides, I can see both sides. Bottom line is the reason UPS is succesful is because somehow we still manage to do it all, no matter the workload. Those of us who still do it, is because of pride. I have to admit it is getting almost impossible at times, but all I can do is try. At the end of the day after all is done, I dont any longer care what the standards say although I used to take pride in it, I know it is now bogus, and so do my sups, and I dont hear a word. I dont know what happened to them but they are wrong, and I have asked to go through them and compare day to day where they are almost identical and can vary by an hour and no one wants to and it comes down to they are doing a job too, and know the calcs are wrong but they work for someone too. And I think all of us work to live, not live to work. So I just work, with the ethic installed in my upbringing. When they find a reason to get rid of me, I guess they will but as long as I am doing what I can, no one seems to question my times. I have had jobs that you just stand around but the pay was 5.15 an hour, or less, so I guess til something better comes along or I get canned, I will work my best. I want to complain about the long hours, but when I see people unemployed at my age, I think NAH, Ill just work. Because they would like to be making 105.00 bucks in OT, instead of 45.00 bucks per day, if that.
  20. plisken

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    Air, and Tooner, I agree with both of you. While I'm tempted to join the chronically slow, I can't. I have too much pride in what I'm doing as well, and while I can't say I love what I do, I can say I like it. And that is alot more than most people can say about their jobs.
    While I can't let myself slip into uselesness, and I can't let the boss run me into the ground either, I can, and do, stand up for myself and make sure that when the heat seems to be on me for no appearant reason, that I point out the fact that there are bigger fish to fry, i.e. the chronically slow folks around me. Usually, after I make my case I am left alone.
    I know we are all human and can't work at 110% all the time. It is during those down days that we need to help each other. I totally understand that, most people do.
    I haven't been around ups that long, but I have been around long enough to know that my chronically slow, and absent, co-workers would get canned in a heartbeat, at almost any other job, for performing the way they do day in, and day out.
    Like I said before, I'm all for the priveledge of calling off sick and being allowed so many days off that is allowed at ups. It doesn't mean you have to take them all, plus more days. Of course, If something comes up the days are there for you.
    Most of the people who are chronically absent think they are sticking it to ups, but they aren't they are sticking it to their co-workers who are left to do their work. Some people just dont care!
    It doesn't matter who comes and goes, ups keeps going!