I take my orders from fools!

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    The slow people will always get away with it,the hard working employees will always get more work assigned to them. I think most management knows it is a waste of time to worry about the slackers. Once they get 30 days in, its almost impossible to rid of them.Fortunately most(half) of us take pride in our work. If you don't want to work hard for management, at least work hard for your brothers.
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    Since you mentioned it, I've been delivering to a municipal building lately and one of the custodians told me that cleaning the toilets was easy. I asked him how that could be. He replied that nobody would use the bathrooms on his floor due to rumors of how dirty they would get by the afternoon hours. When I asked if the rumors bothered him, he laughed and said "Heck no! In fact, I'm glad I started them!"

    There's been a good share of griping about allowance slashing in addition to re-looping routes in my building also. EDD may someday turn out to be a plus, but everything that comes with it really is a drain when the same problems appear day after day. It can be a real difference maker if your route has customers that know you and enjoy seeing you Monday thru Friday. Drivers that look only to the numbers or o/r reports as the yardstick for whether they are a success (or not)at this line of work are going to have to re-evaluate thier priorities because the days of looking great on paper are all but long gone. As much as it wears on my psyche having to look at drivers bickering with each other and then the sups over who gets what "gravy" resi stops or who gets stuck with the air stops that nobody will step forward to claim, at least I know that by 9am there's a decent chance I'll be on the road towards the customers that are greatful for the effort.

    Well...most of them anyway [​IMG]
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    Taber's Medical Dictionary defines "burnout" as:

    Condition resulting from chronic job stress. Characterized by physical and emotional exhaustion and sometimes physical illness. Frustration from a perceived inability to end the stresses and problems associated with this lack of power in the job contribute to the individual's loss of concern [for patients] or good job performance. Nurses are especially prone to burnout, particularly those working in highly stressful conditions.

    Could it be that the "chronically slow" individuals referred to in previous posts are actually experiencing "burnout"?

    Just a thought.
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    The chronically slow, that I am referring to are definitely not experiencing burnout. I know this because most of em have less seniority than me and are about half my age. (Im 36) And believe me, I ask myself why the hell I'm working in this place alot. One word. BENEFITS!
    I don't know how it is at every hub. I'm sure there are some chronically slow at all of them, and yes, many are probably experiencing burn-out.
    On one hand, it sucks to be pulling the weight of lazy punks. On the other hand, it's good to know that this old man can kick their asses!
    I'm not over the hill yet, but I think I can see the top!
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    "One hour's work in five hours is either a gross exaggeration or a sign of completely incompetent management."

    LOL, there is a good union man , blame management when someone bones us. Whatever happened to pride in union labor. As a shop steward you should step up and whip the guys but for making union labor look bad.
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    Uhhhh What?
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    his tie is on too tight......
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    Ah tie, tie, tie.

    I would not support such actions from an employee who purposefully dogs the company and I do not know of any union stewards that would although there are probably some somewhere, but they would be the exception, not the rule.

    Any supervisor who allows a worker to get away with doing one hour's work in a five hour period continually is incompetent.

    Only you would disagree with that because management apparently can do no wrong in your book the evil union is to blame for everything.[​IMG]
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    thankfully in my building, the number of hard working people is well above half.(preload)
    Can say probably closer to 85-90 % are hard/good workers with almost half that know their job so well, they don't need any 'supervision'.
    Luckily for me, from a job security standpoint, the minority leaves me plenty of chances to 'supervise'.

    pisken, our buildings two feeder drivers and I talk all the time about how alot, not all, but most of the younger generation(late teens/early 20's) UPS'ers don't seem to have the same work ethic as most of us 'old' men/women do.
    Seems to us, alot of people now a days feel something is 'owed' to them instead of them having to work for or towards something.
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    I feel old. I'm 35, and I do see many of the 20 somethings don't want to do a thing.
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    "would not support such actions from an employee who purposefully dogs the company and I do not know of any union stewards that would although there are probably some somewhere, but they would be the exception, not the rule."

    Not really about you supporting crappy labor. Not about blaming management or blaming the union. Definitely not about the classic of the company fighting the union. Totally different point.

    Your union does not sell pride in workmanship. Hass anyone ever seen a steward pull a slob to the side and tell him to do a better job because the slob is making the teamsters look bad? Pride in workmanship personally demonstrated by many fine UPSers but not sold by the union as a whole.
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    Actually, the union does sell union pride in workmanship.

    You just refuse to ever see it being so anti-union, excuse me, you would say "union free" [​IMG]

    However, if the employee is a scuz and your whip doesn't do any good it's unlikely that a pep talk about "union pride" will do any good as a scuz is a scuz is a scuz.

    Unfortunately, management is giving me less and less base material to work with as everything derives from what they hire part-time and with the successful ability at keeping the base wage the same for longer than the current hires have been alive is attracting a higher and higher percentage of losers.

    You know, the company's drivers of tomorrow.
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    As far as publicly humiliating employees I leave that to bad managers, but I have talked to many empolyees on the side that they need to get their priorities and act straight.
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    When I was in the Hub, peer pressure worked wonders.

    Don't forget about the violence in the workplace policies - I'm not advocating violence. We sure had some verbal fun with those who didn't carry their load. They eventually left UPS.
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    "Actually, the union does sell union pride in workmanship.
    You just refuse to ever see it being so anti-union, excuse me, you would say "union free""

    I am really not sure how I could have phrased it any nicer for you without you getting your feelings hurt. Thank yor answering the point once you completed your pout.
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    I agree that deep down you really are not sure and yes, that's probably as nice as you can get and you are welcome. [​IMG]
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    ok2: I am glad to see that you take slackers aside and talk to them. That probably works better than management constantly taking them into the office for those "discussions."

    I find that the employees who get taken to the office rebel, oftentimes getting worse, not better.
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    Yeah, sometimes I can affect changes in attitude and work ethic better if I can get to them before the whip, but sometimes nothing will change a crappy attitude and philosophy. [​IMG]
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    I've made alot of money over the years sucking up the leftovers from the slackers next to me!
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    <font color="000000">I've only been at UPS just over 6 years but it took about 2 weeks to figure out that there are plenty of "bad apples" walking around. Typically it is the higher seniority guys. They spend excessive amounts of time socializing when they should be working. When they actually work it's usually at half ass speed, or "UNION SPEED" (one of my sups at a former employer that was a non-union shop used that title to describe slow workers). What gets me is the attitude many of them carry with them. The "I don't give a crap because I'm in the union" attitide. I mean why should they care? It's not like management can really do anything about them. They will actually tell newer people not to work to hard and things like that and actually think they are giving good advice. People want to blame management or the union? I say both are responsible but to say the Teamsters don't deserve the majority of the blame is plaine dismissive. The only way to fight these guys is to add articles to the contract that would actually make people think twice about behaving this way. It's one thing to not be capable of performing your job as hard and as well as another person. But to not try because you have "X" number of years in with the company is just a lack of a work ethic and an obvious abuse of union rights. What freaks me out even more is that people take up for these guys. Here and elsewhere. What is their to argue about. They are dead beats. And I'm talking about the inside employees. I'd hate to see what a bad apple delivering packages does. </font>