I was told employee surveys were confidential

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    i was reading results of the employee survey to find that my quote was altered. i thought these were confidential. i was professional and did't use fowl language either. has anyone else dealt with this situation. i dont know if it happened at my center or at corporate level. what is your take on this plz? thx
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    The ERI results are NOT CONFIDENTIAL and you DO NOT have to participate in them.

    They are coded by groups and the results discussed by not only the center team but with the Division Managers of each hub.

    That is why they "schedule" employees by days and times for taking the ERI.

    Lesson to all, if you have nothing positive to say during the ERI, say NOTHING AT ALL.

    Here in So. CAl., after the ERI results came back, we were called in by groups to discuss what was said in not only the online questionaire but the comments section at the very end.

    We raised the issue of confidentiality of the ERI and refused to engage in any debate over what was said by the drivers.

    So, to answer your question, yes, we have encountered the same situation as you described.

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    They are confidential to a point, but if you work in an area with differing times of service (years) then it is pretty easy to figure out who did what. My manager has not said a single word to me since I took the ERI....not hard to come to the conclusion that he knows how I rated his management team.
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    No, it's not confidential. Only to the point that you do not submit your name if you choose not to.

    As for altering your response, I think that's a different matter. Was your quote altered to reflect a better tone? Was it altered so that your message was distorted? Was it altered to raise the numbers in your group?

    If you are concerned enough that you must make comments at the end (as I did), then you must also be concerned enough that you will follow up on the altered comments. You want something to be done about the problems you obviously exposed? You have to be reactive to all that has to do to remedy it also, meaning, sometimes you have to step out of the shadows and take the lead.
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    Managment cheated??? :ohmy:

    Seriously though, If you are the only one in the center with the guts to say anything you are out of luck.
    In my center, probably 55 of the 70 drivers are seriously disgruntled. We've had visits by hosts of bigwigs from chicago over the ERI before. (not that that changed anything)

    We can (and do) tell managment exactly what we think and they don't bother us too much since they don't have the manpower to harass everybody.
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    We were told the ERI survey was comming up and nothing more was said about it for some time. After a few weeks when I asked about when we I would take it sup. told me it was to late. Come to find out they hand picked the people who took it and others were not offered a chance. Must be how they get the most positive numbers they could from our group. Just another way of falsifing the numbers and making there boss think all is well
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    Guess I'm confused. exactly how did you want them to fix things if they dont ask follow up questions through the meetings. Did you want them to quess what you meant and try to fix things that way or ask you?
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    Are you referring to the comments section of the ERI that is optional? If so, I have read comments over the years, and the only areas I ever saw altered were by the district to eliminate inappropiate language, which was simply blacked out with a marker.

    Once your comment is entered, there is no way it can be viewed until the entire survey is completed corporately and the surveys are released for print and review.

    Could someone else have had the same comment or did you indicate your name? Ask your management team about your comment.

    Personally, I got more out of reading the comments section of the ERI that the actual ratings. Although the majority were negative, there were some positive comments, and some comments were the same year after year.

    That is how it worked 2 years ago, before I left UPS.
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    How do you feel about management taking the ERI, just for themselves?
  10. tieguy

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    How do I feel about management taking the eri? management is already measured on the eri
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    It's all about the numbers and making themselves look good. I was also one who did not take the survey this year. When I asked [evil]management [/evil]on the last day, when was I to get my opportunity, I got :blahblah:.

    In another thread on here, someone mentioned that the corp. people want a certain number, then the hub manager pads that, then the sort manager pads that, and so on...

    With hand-picking the poll-ees, [evil]management [/evil]is still padding the numbers...

    Has anyone actually noticed any kind of change resulting from the ERI, and could you post that here?

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  12. Fredless

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    Hmm...I wish they would find me to ask me about what I typed at the end of the ERI.
  13. over9five

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    I signed mine. Was hoping someone would get back to me on my concerns.

    (But yeah, they just stopped talking to me instead)
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    Hmmm, tieguy says this:

    About my post...

    Now I'm "red", LOL :knockedout:
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    Same here. If I didn't believe what I typed, then I wouldn't have typed it.

    Also, one year automotive got hit pretty hard on the ERI. Whenever you would write up a problem with a package car, the mechanics would write in the DVIR "ordered part. ok to run". After that ERI, I haven't seen those words in a long time.

    Maybe every once in a while someone really does listen.
  16. My sup stood over my shoulder while I was taking mine until I gave him a few dirty looks
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    The ERI comments are only broken down to the District level. If you identify yourself through the comments, then the comments are no longer confidential but your ratings are still confidential. These two things are not tied together. Nobody sees the years of services except the individuals in corporate Employee Relations who run the analyses. It is not tied to your responses except to those few people (who have no idea who you are and do not release this information).

    Brownshark is right about not having to participate in the ERI. However, they are confidential (with the exception stated earlier). It doesn't matter when you take them; the results are not available until the end of the survey and there is no data to link the time of day you took the survey to your results. The only information available is one number-the number of individuals who have taken the survey.

    The only time comments should be altered is when names or potential unprofessional language are used. Although, even the unprofessional language has been left in the comments.

    As for the management not allowing you to take the survey, that shouldn't be happening. I would complain to anyone that will listen. This should not be taken by only those that will rate high.

    I agree with Tieguy. I would hope the management would address the concerns. Actually, according to business literature, one of the best practices in dealing with problems at work is to get feedback from employees.

    Finally, reports are not released for groups less than 10 people. Contributes to the confidentiality.
  18. Athena, your avatar scares me
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    Well said BigBrownSanta, I liked that, I was :lol:

    Athena, I did that, to no avail... What padding my "manglement" team wants, they gets...

    They be :greedy:
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    I live to intimidate :angry: