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  1. UPS willing to pay 6.1 billion pre tax dollars to withdraw from current pension fund, they don't control, so they can create a new one that they can control, ask yourself why? It hurts the Employer now, but in the long run who will it hurt? 35 cent/hr wage increase every 6 months, wow thats like a 1.25% raise which, maybe will help me pay for the cost of a gallon of regular gas. 60 day probation period for new hires and now 3 years till top scale. $2000 pension at 25 years of service if you are younger than 65 $2500 if 65 or older, maxed out at $3500 for 35 years of service, lets see I would have to work an additional 20 years till age 65. 20 plus the 19 years I have now would be 39 years of service for $3500, hope my body holds up and UPS does not lenghten the normal retirement age of 65. I wonder what the life expectancy is after 65? I obtained all of this information from Teamsters.org, you can download the new contract proposal there and read/see for yourself.
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    make a "tree" of 10 people to tell and they tell 10 people and so on and so on......
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    .....in addition to this, add vague and obscure language about how feeder drivers with less than three years seniority can be laid off if loads are put on the railroad. Where did this come from? Last I heard, the company was taking loads off the rail to expedite service and to keep up with our competition and to further complex the issue, someone on this forum said they heard the company had bought a railyard somewhere!! Does anyone see where the company is going with this? There was a frequent and long time poster on this board that claimed to be a feeder supervisor. I haven't heard from him in a while. I hope nothing has happened to him. Maybe he can offer some insight about the feeder related language.
    I'm also very concerned about our good friends at UPSF running our loads.
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    Actually, the feeder thing reads like this:

    may use substitute means of transportation (such as airplane, helicopter, ship or T.O.F.C.) in its
    operations; provided, however, that no feeder driver ​
    with more than three (3) years of seniority in the
    feeder driver classification
    in the employ of the Employer, as of August 1, 1997, will be laid off or

    displaced from a feeder classification as a result of a run being placed on the rail.

    That seems to me this change benefits the feeder drivers. Before you had to be in feeders since 8/1/97 before you could get laid off..now you only need 3 years in feeders and they can't lay you off...am I missing something here.
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    That does appear to be an improvement. There are some positive changes, but there appear to be way to many give backs though.
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    "Less than three years in the FEEDER CLASSIFICATION"

    Consider just how many high seniority feeder drivers will be retiring under this contract if it passes?

    Sure opens the door for subcontracting.

    Even if you were a package car driver for 20 years and bid recently into a easlier feeder job they could lay you off since you were technically not in that "FEEDER CLASSIFICATION"'

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    I agree and I'm not a half-wit.
    Does anyone actually believe the company negotiated this language and agreed to it if it didn't benefit them (company) somehow?
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    Why in Gods name would the union even agree to this point? Like one of the posters said before, the new fast track service created a ton of new feeder runs. Something isnt right here. I also wish they would put things wither in black and white and stop writing articles in gray. Print it so it cant sound different than it really is and can not be twisted in future years.
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    Ah, the grey area, always a reason for concern. Seems like that gray area too many times works both ways, and not for the benefit of the employee. 9.5 language is weak/worthless, no improvements to our pension or health benefits, I heard cost for retirees health care could be tripled, haven't seen it in writing yet but don't doubt it. My time allowance on my rt is such that I average an hour over regularly. Rarely does mgtmt say anything to me and when they do I just say" come ride with me, I'll show you!:tongue_sm
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    Let me start off by saying only Central States participants should be voting on the issue concerning their pension! This alone should be a red flag. I wouldn't want to vote on your pension and be responsible for making a wrong decision for your future. The contributions placed in CS Plan were placed there in my name not yours. I'm telling you this is a complete snow job. No one knows what the hell is going on here, not even local union reps. I'm all for getting out of CS, but not at the expense of 15 full-time years of service. The 6.1 billion going into the fund is for the general membership. With no more money going in it will be exhausted through a progression of full benefit, reduced benefit and then no benefit (federal bailout)! When UPS pulls out, even if others do not follow, no new teamsters joining will contribute to CS ie. UPS freight members! NO NEW CONTRIBUTIONS!!!!!!!! The fund will die and Article 34 of the contract addresses this as you have read and it does it so vaugely. Hey earmark the money (6.1 bil) going into CS for UPSers only or let UPS start there new fund and assume all my pension obligatios. But as it stands now, Chevy Man, I will get 2 checks, one from CS Plan and one from UPS for ever how many years I work starting Jan 2008. All we want to know is what the HELL is going on now and going to happen in the future with our pension! Vote No for this reason! The contract is also set up to take GWI's from us, most likely for health benefits and you can bet your sweet ass that since its in the conrtact they are going to do it. The big question is how often. Hey, you already share your health welfare and pension contributions with the general membership ( for every $ UPS gives you get about .40 of that) do you want to share your raise with them as well! Bull****!!!!!! As for as Feeder dialog in the contract goes it keeps differentiating between bargaining unit and UPS bargaining unit. I have been a feeder driver for 4 years now and was just told that a UPS Freight hub in the south is going to post 18 new sleeper team runs at the beging of the year. Bargaing unit means teamster not necessarily UPS teamster. We have been told that a concession for the CS buyout was it would be easier for the IBT to organize UPS Freight and would soften the language on subcontracting ( they make less per hour). Think about it! WE NEED STRONGER LANGUAGE TO PROTECT OUR JOBS THE WE HAVE WORKED SO HARD TO CREATE. THERE IS NO OTHER IBT JOBS AS TOUGH AS THE UPS PACKAGE DRIVER AND HE SHOULD HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO MOVE UP AND ON TO FEEDER IF THE JOB CREATES ITSELF! YOU READ THIS CONTRACT AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF, YOU MAKE THIS CO A BILLION PLUS $ A QUARTER PROFIT! I'M VOTING NO BECAUSE OF THE CENTRAL STATES ISSUE AND THE REST OF THE REASONS I POSTED.
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    Legalese - never been a fan of it.