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    Since everyone on here insists on criticizing Fred Smith, I'm starting a new site where we can all rally behind our founder and leader...Iam4Fred.com.

    How soon all you forget everything he has done for us. Here's just a partial list:

    1. Protected us from union thugs and union dues with The RLA. Fred has spent hundreds of millions over the last 40 years to make sure they cannot get to us. Without Fred, we'd all probably be in prison, or a gang, or shaking-down senior citizens for their Social Security Checks.

    2. Saved our pension. Instead of that horrible Traditional Pension Plan, which could go bankrupt at any second. The PPP is so much safer!

    3. Held us to high standards. Like a "father", Fred has been as tough disciplinarian, but all of those OLCCs and letters are given-out only because he cares so much.

    4. The 90 day rule. Fred wants us to get well so much that he gives us the incentive to do so by eliminating our position if we cannot get back to work in 90 days. I know someone that had cancer, and they tried so hard to come back that they passed-out on the belt and had to be taken back to the hospital by ambulance. Then not too long thereafter, they died. It made be proud to be a FedExer that day for sure!

    5. Market levels. If you live just outside a major city, chances are that you get to work for less, thanks to Fred's Market Levels. If you live in Stockton, there's no way you want the temptation to make the same money as someone in San Francisco, so you get way less. Fred takes that extra money and puts it toward your future!

    6. Top-Outs. What's the point in "striving" if you have nothing to look forward to? At UPS, they don't strive because they're not lean and hungry like us!!

    7. Takeaways. These were all for us, which is something you idiots out there don't seem to get!! Every cent went to making FedEx more secure. Job security is Job 1!!

    8. Hiring top-notch talent. All of those superb leaders in Memphis are no accident!! Fred hires only the best, who want the best for us. I put forward one name that says it all.... Matthew Thornton.

    9. Work/Life Balance. Fred wants us to have a great family life as well as a great work life. The key is balance, and he sees that we get it!!

    There's so much more!! So, come on guys and gals. Get over to Iam4Fred.com and tell us why you love Fred and everything he has done for you over the years. Remember, it has always been about YOU...not him. Pull your heads out of the sand and get behind a true leader.
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    Well I do like his shoes.
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    Re: Iam4Fred.com

    [QUOTE. Fred takes that extra money and puts it toward your future!

    I know it's ancient history, but, this reminds me of when they first took our profit sharing and started putting it into our retirement. My manager at the time actually had the gall to say that FedEx was investing the money for us so that we wouldn't buy beer with it! Seriously!? WTF! I'm not a beer drinker, but if I wanted to use my profit sharing checks to buy beer, wine, weed, coke, or whatever, that's my prerogative. We are his children, and are treated as such.
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    Re: Iam4Fred.com

    One of my favorites has always been "we are re-investing in the company to assure your future", which seemed to make sense when they were expanding into Europe, Asia etc., so we cannot give any raises. The problem is that they never got back to us. As vantexan has said many times, there was a period in the 90's where we didn't get any raises for several years, and the company was doing just fine the whole time.

    Here's the bottom line IMO. Whenever they need to save money, spend money, or move it around they take-it form the First Hourly Bank of Memphis, because there is nothing we can do about it. Without a contract, they have always been free to screw us whenever they need to, and that has been often.
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    Where else can he get the money for Fedex Cup,Nascar,Panda Transport, Memphis Grizzles, etc.. by stripping any kind of compensations for Express (the opco that delivers the bulk of the revenue !) If it were'nt for social media everyone would think this guy was Father Theresa.